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Asian Lady Beetles

What are Asian Lady Beetles

Nope, They’re Not Ladybugs

Halloween may be over, but there could still be a scary situation happening in your house. Since the seasons are changing, pests could be turning to your home for shelter. One pest in particular is known to swarm this time of year. A close cousin to the ladybug, Asian lady beetles are orange and black—appropriate for the season—and arrive in droves looking to spend the winter inside. Learn how to turn your luck around to prevent these pests from infiltrating your home.  Read more

Natural Pest Control Solutions

Natural Pest Control Solutions

Chemical-Free Products & Restrictions

Now that the weather is getting chilly, certain bugs and wildlife are looking for a cozy place to spend the winter. You can help take your home off the map with some simple, chemical-free options. Learn how to make your lawn less desirable with these natural pest control solutions. Read more

Deter Starlings

How to Deter Starlings from Your Yard

Even if Murmurations are Mesmerizing

While the dazzling display created by a starling murmuration is a sight to behold, it’s also a mess to clean up if it’s over your yard. This time of year, thousands of birds gather for warmth, protection, and to roost in protected areas. If you live close to one of these areas, it could mean damage to your property, health concerns, and the displacement of other neighborhood birds. Learn how to help deter starlings from gathering near your home this time of year. Read more

Aerate in the Fall

Why You Should Aerate in the Fall

And How to do it Properly

Does your lawn need space to breathe? Heavy summer traffic and excessive thatch could have compacted and suffocated your soil, limiting access to essential water, air, and nutrients. You can help reopen these pathways this season with a simple process. Learn why you should aerate in the fall and what’s involved. Read more

Broadleaf Weed Control

Fall Broadleaf Weed Control

Why This Season Works

Now that the weather is getting cooler, some plants are starting to slow their growth and die back for the season. However, like all annual plants, weeds are still storing up energy to make a spring appearance. That’s why fall is an ideal time for broadleaf weed control. Read more

Fall Lawn Care Tips

6 Fall Lawn Care Tips

For a Healthier Spring

After a summer of heat and humidity, now it’s time for your lawn to prepare for vacation. Fall is an important transitional time for lawn maintenance. What you do now can mean the difference between a lush or weedy lawn in the spring. Follow these fall lawn care tips to help your yard stay healthy. Read more