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Fall Allergens in Your Yard

Fall Allergens in Your Yard

How to Help Limit the Effects

Fall is a fun time full of outdoor festivals, trips to the orchard, and getting cozy by a bonfire—except if you suffer from seasonal allergies. Some of the top fall allergens include smoke, mold, and ragweed. These sneeze-inducing substances can be growing in your garden and spreading through the air. Here’s how to limit their effects. Read more

Fall Lawn Mowing

Fall Lawn Mowing Tips

From Leaves to the Last Cut

Fall is that transitional time between harsh summer heat and winter freeze. Since some grasses usually grow slower in these extreme temperatures, fall is also the time it perks up again—if only for a short time. This is an important period for gearing up your grass to survive the winter and thrive in spring. Fall lawn mowing is one essential task to help ensure grass health. Learn how to use this time to benefit both you and your lawn. Read more

Spider Cricket

Spider Crickets

Yup, Another Pest to Guard Against

With Fall fast approaching, pests will soon be on a pilgrimage to find food and shelter. You may have already experienced spiders, crickets, and other insects in and around your home. But did you know there’s another pest you should be on the lookout for? Did you know there’s such a thing as spider crickets? Yup, add them to the list and learn how spider cricket control is similar to other methods of pest prevention. Read more

Summer Weed Control Secrets

3 Secrets to Summer Weed Control

How to Stop Them Before They Sprout

Looking for the secret to summer weed control? There are a few, but the key takeaway is to try to stop them before you even see them. Learn how here. Read more

Lawn Wildlife Control

Managing Wildlife in Your Lawn

Plus Prevention Methods

Now that you have late summer lawn pests taken care of, you can turn your attention to lawn wildlife control. Making your yard less attractive to certain animals is your first line of defense for keeping your lawn healthy and keeping uninvited visitors out of your home come winter. Read more

Late Summer Lawn Pests

Late Summer Lawn Pests

How to Identify and Control Them

Before you start planning that end-of-summer bash, be sure you safeguard your yard from late summer lawn pests. From bugs that bite and sting to ones that feast on foliage and grass, learn how to keep these pests out of your party. Read more