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Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

By Grass Type

All summer long, your lawn has taken a beating. From hot temps and little water to foot traffic and wandering wildlife, a lot was going on out there. Now it’s time to reward your lawn for making it through the harsh season with some revitalizing fall lawn care tips. Read more

Fall Weed Control

Fall Weed Control

The Fight Continues

As the sun starts to set on summer, signs of fall color start to creep across your lawn. While those late-blooming plants are making an appearance, weeds are still thriving and reseeding. Fall is an excellent time to repair your lawn from summer’s wrath and prep it for a lush spring. Here are some fall weed control tips to help ensure the grass is the only green you see. Read more

Stop Mowing the Lawn

When You Can Stop Mowing the Lawn

(hint: it may be sooner than you expect)

Summer has been a scorcher in the northeast this year. For many lawns, the harsh temperatures and lack of rainfall put the grass into a dormant state. This means there probably wasn’t a lot of lawn growing or mowing going on, and that’s okay. While it may pick back up in the fall, the lawn is set to go dormant again in the winter. This leads to the question, when can you stop mowing the lawn? The answer is simple. Read more

Japanese Beetles

Is Japanese Beetle Season Over?

Yes & No

While summer may be winding down, some summertime garden pests continue to get their fill of your yard. Even though you may not see as many Japanese beetles around, it doesn’t mean they’re not there. In fact, this is the time of year when it’s their larvae you need to worry about. Read more

Summer Lawn Watering Tips

Summer Lawn Watering Tips

Make Every Drop Count

The summer heat can be brutal on many living things, including your lawn. The situation gets even worse in drought conditions. Even while some grasses go dormant during the harsh summer season, they could still use a good drink now and then. Here are some summer lawn watering tips to help your grass get through this time of year. Read more

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Secrets to a Sweet Summer Lawn

Maintenance Tips for the Season

We’re in the final weeks of summer now and it shows—especially on the lawn. Some grasses go dormant in the extreme heat. Others just haven’t soaked enough water. Not to worry. There’s still time to get your lawn in shape and enjoy what’s left of the season. Here are some summer lawn maintenance tips to tackle things like mowing and weeds. Read more