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Snow Mold Signs, Prevention, Treatments

What is Snow Mold

Signs, Prevention & Treatment

As winter is wrapping up, we look forward to the renewal of spring—trees and flowers budding, grass coming back to life, warmer and brighter days. We don't look forward to dealing with what harsh winter weather has done to our plants. However, as the grass starts to thaw, we could see signs of snow mold on the lawn. Learn what these signs are and what you can do about them. Read more

Healthy Lawn Tips

6 Simple Healthy Lawn Tips

Shape up Your Spring Plan

While it's still dormant season and your grass may be currently covered in snow, it's never too early to start thinking about a lush lawn. Here are six simple lawn tips for greener grass this spring. Read more

Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Why and How to Prune Now

How's your winter going so far? Not just for you, but your trees as well? If you haven't already asked the question, it's a good idea to take a look outside and check on them. Not only is the winter the perfect time to prune, but branches may need trimming before they cause any damage. Here are some winter tree pruning tips to keep in mind during the process. Read more

Landscaper Lawn Tips List for Spring

List of Landscaper Lawn Tips

10 Tips and Tools of the Trade

Now that it's February, we're that much closer to spring. If you need a break from snow shoveling, start brainstorming your springtime lawn and garden maintenance plan. Here's a list of some of the most common landscaper lawn tips to get you ready. Read more

Winter Tree Protection

Winter Tree Protection

From Root to Branch

If you think it's tough being outside in harsh winter weather, just think about the trees! They have to brace themselves for high winds, heavy snow, crippling ice, and hungry animals. While you may not want to wrap them in hats, scarves, and gloves, there are ways of providing some winter tree protection. Read more

Aerating Lawns in Winter

Should We Aerate in Winter?

No… Here’s Why

While there's not a lot of lawn maintenance to do in the winter, there are still some ways to help keep your yard healthy. However, aeration is not one of them during this time of year. Here's why you shouldn't be aerating lawns in winter and what you should be doing instead. Read more