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Planting New Trees

A Plan for Planting New Trees

What to Know Before it Grows

As spring brings trees back in bloom and you thank them for the shade in those hot summer days, you may start to think about planting more. It takes more than simply digging a hole and dropping some seeds to make this plant prosper. You need a plan for planting new trees. Read more

Best Time for Mowing Your Lawn

When to Start Mowing Your Lawn

Make Sure You & Your Yard are Ready

Now that it's spring, it's tempting to break out the mower and get your grass back in shape. But is it ready? Learn more about when to start mowing your lawn and gently wake it from its dormancy. Read more

Dethatching Your Lawn

Dethatching Your Lawn

Don’t Put Away the Rake

Fall is long gone, there are no leaves to rake, but you still want to stash this lawn tool somewhere easily accessible. It comes in handy while taking on another yard chore: dethatching your lawn. Read more

Snow Mold Types

Snow Mold

Identification, Prevention & Treatment

Even after snow melts, its effects can still be seen across your lawn. Learn to recognize the different snow mold types and what you can do about them. Read more

Healthy Lawn Tips

Six Healthy Lawn Tips

The Grass is Always Greener…

If you're one who dreams of lush green grass free of pests and disease, here are some healthy lawn tips to follow. Read more

Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Winter Tree Pruning Tips

For a More Beautiful Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and it has even made a few surprise appearances throughout this winter season. But don't get too ahead of yourself. The best time for winter tree pruning is still to come. Here are some tips. Read more