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No Mow May

What’s No Mow May

And is it Right for Your Lawn?

If you’ve noticed your neighbors aren’t getting their mower out that much this month, they may be following an initiative known as No Mow May. Homeowners leave the lawn alone all month to help provide a habitat and food source for early season pollinators. But is it something you should try? Read more

One of the first signs of spring are the familiar vibrant yellow dandelion weeds dotting lawns. There's much debate on whether these plants are good or bad for gardens. Let's discuss. Read more

Weeds Spotlight: Crabgrass

Weed Spotlight: Crabgrass

Identification, Treatment, and Prevention

Sometimes sneaky weeds like to trick you into thinking it’s grass. This way it can go on thriving and spreading in your lawn. Don’t let it. Crabgrass is one of these weeds. It even has grass in its name to trick you. Here’s how to find it, get rid of it, and help make sure it doesn’t return. Read more

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Weeds. They’re Back!

How to Make them Go Away

Now that spring is in full swing, plants, grass, and weeds are growing. While you want the first two to thrive, weeds leave something to be desired. Here are some post-emergent weed control options to consider. Read more

Lawn Disease Prevention Tips

Treat Your Lawn to an Earth Day Celebration

Ways to Help Prevent Stress and Disease

Spending time enjoying the outdoors is even easier with a healthy, lush lawn. Here are some ways you can show your yard a little more love and appreciation this year. Mark the occasion with some of these Earth Day lawn disease prevention tips. Read more

Spring Weed Control Tips

5 Spring Weed Control Tips

From a Pro Point of View

Spring is a time for budding trees, green grass, and emerging weeds. Help protect your lawn and other desired plants from these needy weeds that compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight. Here are some effective spring weed control tips. Read more