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Fall Weed Control Tips

Fall Weed Control Tips

Time to Gather Those Leaves

Think weeds are gone for the season? Think again. While the dormant season will be here soon, there’s still time for weeds to grow and thrive throughout your garden. Now is a great time to help gain the upper hand. Follow these fall weed control tips to stop the spread of seeds. Your lawn will thank you later. Read more

Plan to Stop Mowing the Lawn

When You Can Stop Mowing the Lawn

(Hint: When it’s Dormant)

Now that summer is winding down, you may think it’s okay to put your mower away. Not so fast! Not only is your grass still growing, but your lawn mower also plays an important role in freeing your grass from layers of leaves. Here are some tips about mowing this time of year, plus an idea of when you can stop mowing the lawn. Read more

Japanese Beetle Season

Japanese Beetle Season

(It’s all year long)

Now that summer is winding down, you may think the battle with Japanese beetles is over. Well, think again. While you may not see as many attacking your garden, you can be sure they’re still alive and well, gearing up for winter and the next feeding season. Learn how to stop them before the damage starts. Read more

Summer Lawn Watering Tips

Summer Lawn Watering Tips

When, How Much & What to Use

We’re in the final few weeks of summer. How’s your lawn holding up? Between the heat and unstable weather patterns, it may not be getting all the water it needs. Follow these summer lawn watering tips to help ensure your yard is properly hydrated. Read more

Secret to Summer Weed Control

The Secret to Summer Weed Control

Hint: Pick the Right Product

Psst, want to know the secret to summer weed control? Read on to find out how to get rid of grassy and broadleaf weeds this season. Read more

Lawn Grub Control Methods

Grub Control Methods

And When to Use Them

Got grubs? If you do, it could turn into more than just a larvae infestation in your lawn. Try these grub control methods to save your lawn from future pest problems. Read more