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Mole Control Methods

Common Mole Control Methods

Identifying and Dealing with Pests

Whether you're new to pest prevention or have had problems in the past, these common mole control methods will help keep your yard from turning into a mess of mounds. Read more

Identifying Sod Webworms

What are Sod Webworms

And What to do About Them

For lawns with a layer of thatch just above the soil, a light web may be in the process of spinning by sod webworms. After feeding on leaves, they travel to your yard and may even spend the winter if no treatment plan is put in place. Learn more about these lawn pests and what you can do to stop them. Read more

Fall Lawn Weeds

When do the Weeds Stop?

Never. Unless You Stop Them!

Now that your grass is growing slower, you may think the weeds are too. Well, they're still out there! In fact, some weeds—like henbit—are in the process of germinating now, even though you won't see them until spring. So, there's such a thing as fall lawn weeds, and there are ways to stop them. Read more

Fall Lawn Clean-up

Four Fall Lawn Clean-up Musts

Your Checklist for Fall Yard Maintenance

See that colorful blanket of leaves across your lawn? It's not the only thing that needs to go to maintain your yard's health and prosperity. Follow this fall lawn clean-up list before the first frost sets in. Read more

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Time to Put Your Lawn to Bed

As your grass prepares for the winter dormant season, you can help prepare it for its spring wake up call! A healthy lawn requires maintenance every season, so here are some fall lawn care tips to help you put your yard to bed. Read more

Fall Weed Control

Fall Weed Control

Tis the Season for Pre-emergent Herbicides

You've spent all summer mowing, and now that the grass is growing a little slower you may think your yard work is done. Think again! It's the perfect time to prepare your lawn for what's to come: harsh winter weather and spring weeds. Fall weed control involves killing weeds before they even get a chance to grow by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. Read more