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Natural Weed Control Options

Natural Weed Control

Homemade Solutions & Chemical-Free Methods

If you have a lawn or garden, you’ve probably dealt with weeds. Whether you have a lot of weeds or a few here and there, there are ways to help tackle them without using harsh chemicals. Learn about some natural weed control options to get a handle on the lawn and garden invaders the homemade way. Read more

Weed Control Methods

7 Weed Control Methods

For a Pristine or Practical Landscape

Spring has sprung for a few months now. How’s your lawn and garden doing? By this point, you’ve probably mowed the grass a few times, considered new plants, and tried to limit the number of weeds. While the lawn may not always need mowing and established plants are not as high maintenance, weeds have a way of taking over if not addressed. Here are seven weed control methods to try—if you haven’t already—to help you through the rest of the season. Read more

Common Lawn Pests

7 Common Lawn Pests

How to Identify & Treat Any Infestation

Now that your grass, trees, and flowers are awake, so are certain pests. Here are some of the most common lawn pests you may find creeping around your yard and what to do about them. Read more

Types of Garden Weeds

Types of Garden Weeds

What to Know Before They Grow

There are summer weeds and winter weeds. Some weeds come back every year and some stick around for a short time. No matter what types of garden weeds you’re dealing with, there is a way to deal. Learn more about which weeds are which and what to do about them. Read more

Gardening Trends

2023 Gardening Trends

Adding More Life to Your Lawn

It’s spring! Is your garden ready? Whether you’re looking to start a new garden or spruce up an existing one there are many options for turning sections of your lawn into a lush, colorful wonderland. Here are some current gardening trends to consider when planning a new natural space. Read more

Pre-emergent Weed Control

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Is It Too Late?

Well, it’s a month into spring now. The flowers are budding, the leaves are back and so are the weeds. So is that it? Is it too late for pre-emergent weed control? Yes and no. Discover what you can still do to help stop more weeds from emerging this season. Read more