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Is Tree Wrapping Worth it

Is Tree Wrapping Worth it in Winter?

How to Help Keep Plants Happy this Season

Have you ever wrapped your tree to help protect it from winter weather? There may be some benefits to this practice, but there are also some serious risk. Learn more about tree wrapping and decide if it's worth it for your plants. Read more

Christmas Tree Removal

Christmas Tree Removal

Time to Deck Your Garden

The holidays are over (sigh) and so it's time to de-deck the halls. This means Christmas tree removal. Whether it's down already or won't be down till Valentine's day, here are some tips on what to do with it once it's removed from your home. Read more

New Lawn Rust Problems

New Year, New Lawn Issues

How to Guard Against Lawn Rust

In the new year, make a resolution to take good care of your lawn. If you've noticed new issues over the last few months, now's the time to plan how you can restore your grass come spring. One common problem that appears toward the end of the year is lawn rust. Learn more about how to spot the disease and what to do about it Read more

Winter Pest Control Tips

5 Winter Pest Control Tips

Leave Them Out in the Cold

Any creatures stirring around your home this holiday? Keep the following winter pest control tips in mind and leave the mice to prance around the Nutcracker stage. Read more

Signs of Japanese Beetles in Winter

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Beetles

How Japanese Beetles Survive the Winter

A winter wonderland is actually quite delightful for some insects, and means you're more likely to see signs of Japanese beetles in the warmer months. Read more

The Proper Winter Lawn Fertilizer

The Proper Winter Lawn Fertilizer

What’s Best to Beat the Winter Stress

The harsh, cold weather is tough on many things, including roads, cars, animals, humans, and our lawns. Just as we prepare our car tires, keep pets inside, and bundle up against the brutal temps, we must also prep the grass for winter. Using the proper winter lawn fertilizer helps ensure its ready to flourish again come spring. Read more