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Grub Control Methods

Grub Control Methods

From Prevention to Treatment

Noticing more beetles around than usual? What about birds and other wildlife digging up your lawn? Are there patches of dead grass there too? One or all of these signs could mean you have grubs. While a few aren’t a problem, a lot of grubs could mean more work for you. Here are some grub control methods to consider. Read more

Cricket Control

5 Types of Crickets

4 Control Solutions

Summer has a distinctive sound. You may hear crashing waves, a melodic ice cream truck, kids playing, and sprinklers splashing, but there’s also that familiar chirp that fills the night air. While the sound of crickets outdoors may be music to your ears, hearing one inside your house not only echos but could also mean trouble. Learn about the kind of damage they can do and how important cricket control is in and around your home. Read more

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summer Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Keeping Your Yard Healthy in the Heat

Summertime and lawn maintenance is easy. This is mostly because a wide variety of lawns go dormant in the harsh heat of the season. While this may mean less mowing, it doesn’t mean ignoring the lawn altogether. Use this summer lawn maintenance checklist to see what still needs to be done. Read more

Lawn Mowing Tips

10 Lawn Mowing Tips

Make it Easier on You & Your Lawn

Now that it’s the middle of summer, you may have mowed your lawn a few times already. How’s it holding up? How you mow can affect overall grass health. Here are some lawn mowing tips to carry you and your yard through the rest of the season. Read more

Grassy Weed Control

Grassy Weed Control

Prevention Methods & Helpful Products

See that green lawn? Look a little closer. Some of those blades may not be what they’re supposed to be. Some grassy weeds disguise themselves to look like the tall, thin blades of grass you hope your lawn is lush with. However, soon they’ll become noticeable in taller, lusher clumps that are harder to get rid of than broadleaf weeds. Never fear. Here are some grassy weed control methods to try. Read more

Summer Weed Control

Summer Weed Control

Whether Natural or Not

In the harsh heat of summer, some plants need extra water, but others seem to thrive in any weather. Like weeds. Sure, they may add greenery to your grass and garden, but if you don't want them to take over, there are steps to take to stop them. Here are some summer weed control tips to try this season. Read more