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What is slime mold

What is Slime Mold

And What Should I do About it

Over time, many things start to grow mold if left out. We've witnessed this process on certain foods, but what about on things that are always out—like our lawn? There are different varieties of slime mold that grows on grass. It's not as bad as it looks, but there are still ways to deal with it. Read more

Prevent weeds with Herbicides

How Should I Prevent Weeds with Herbicides

(Hint: Timing is Everything)

Controlling weeds with herbicides should be done carefully. Before any application, there are many factors to consider, including the type of product, plant, and season. Here are some suggestions for using pre-emergent herbicides on certain plants in different seasons. Read more

Best Lawn Mowing Patterns

Best Lawn Mowing Pattern

What to Know Before You Mow

Mowing the lawn isn't just pushing or driving a machine over your grass to cut it. It's a dedicated practice that helps keep your grass trim, your yard clean, and your lawn healthy. This is why knowing the best lawn mowing pattern is important. Read more

Best Place for Planting Shrubs

Best Place for Planting Shrubs

Location, Location, Location

Thinking about planting shrubs? Have you thought about the best place to plant them? Here are some suggestions. Read more

Grass Cutting Tips

8 Grass Cutting Tips

To Help You and Your Lawn

Now that it's officially spring, it's time to get back to mowing your grass. It doesn't sound so complicated, but there are some tips to make the process even easier on you and your lawn. Read more

How Important is Soil Testing

How Important is Soil Testing

What it is and How it’s Done

When's the last time you tested your soil? If the answer is, what for, this article is for you. Soil testing is not only something that should be done, but it can help you better treat your lawn. Read more