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Prevent Lawn Disease

Prevent or Treat Lawn Disease

Which Would You Rather Do?

What do you think? Is it easier to prevent lawn disease or treat it? Maintaining a healthy lawn is not always easy. However, adding one more lawn treatment product to your shopping cart and to-do list isn’t always necessary. Focus on the following tasks and you could help save yourself some time and money. Read more

Proactive Weed Control

Being Proactive about Weed Control

What to do Before, During & After a Sighting

They’re back. Weeds. Well, technically they never went away. They were just dormant like the other plants over the winter. Germinating seeds under the surface waiting for the weather to warm so they could POP. Unless…you used some of these proactive weed control tips to help prevent them from showing their weediness. Read more

Spring Lawn Overseeding

Spring Lawn Overseeding

Bringing Your Lawn Back to Life

Now that it’s spring, you should see your lawn start to bounce back from dormancy. Not only does it start growing again, but it should be getting greener and more lush. If it’s not and you notice brown spots and bare areas there’s still hope for revitalization. Spring lawn overseeding is one way to help it recover from any winter damage. Here’s how. Read more

Properly Plant Trees and Shrubs

How to Properly Plant Trees & Shrubs

Start with a Plan & Grow From There

Spring has sprung! Color is starting to come back to lawns and gardens across the area. If these blooms have you bursting for more, why not consider taking advantage of one of the best times to plant. There’s a way to properly plant trees and shrubs that not only helps them thrive, but also helps prevent problems from springing up in the future. Read more

Dethatch Your Lawn

Dethatch Your Lawn

The Whys & Hows

Imagine waking up from a deep sleep to find yourself tangled in a mess of sheets and blankets. Feels a little constricting, right? Well, your grass may be going through the same thing. Now that spring is just around the corner, your grass is getting ready to wake up from dormancy. You can help make this a more pleasant transition by loosening up any thick layers of thatch. Learn how this layer forms and why it’s important to dethatch your lawn. Read more

Spring Lawn Care Plan

Spring Lawn Care Plan

Learn What to do & When

Want to know the secret to spring lawn care? Make a plan. Knowing what needs to be done is only part of it. You also need to know when each task should take place to yield the best results. Take a peek at this spring lawn care plan for inspiration and create your own for your yard. Read more