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Winter Lawn Fertilizing

Winter Lawn Fertilizing Dos and Don’ts

And Other Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Tips

Now that winter is here and your grass is dormant you may think you have a break from lawn care. You do, for the most part, but there are still some tips to keep in mind. Even if your grass looks like it needs a refresh, wait. Follow these winter lawn fertilizing dos and don'ts and become familiar with what your yard currently needs. Read more

Tree Wrapping

Tree Wrapping

What it is & Why it’s Needed

Do you wrap your tree in the winter? Do you know what wrapping is? No, not that kind of wrapping; the holidays are over. Tree wrapping is done to help protect the vulnerable bark of certain trees from harsh conditions. There's a right and wrong way to wrap, so be sure you familiarize yourself with how to do it properly. Read more

Tree Removal Process

7 Step Tree Removal Process

What to do Before, During & After

After you’ve determined a tree must be removed—whether it’s dead, dying, diseased, or creating a hazard—there are certain steps to follow before, during, and after the tree removal process. Some are easy for a homeowner to handle. Others are best left for professionals for safety reasons. Read more

Winter Lawn Diseases

Common Winter Lawn Diseases

How to Identify and Treat

Whether your grass is currently covered in snow or it's fighting off a sudden chill, there are still several common winter lawn diseases to watch out for. Learn what the signs are and how to help your yard survive the season. Read more

Winter Pest Protection

5 Keys to Winter Pest Protection

And a Healthier Spring Lawn

Did you know that one of the keys to a healthy spring lawn is to keep it pest-free now? Even though you may not be fully enjoying your grass this season, it doesn't mean others aren't. So here are five keys to winter pest protection. Read more

Winter Lawn Pests

Six Common Winter Lawn Pests

And How to Control Them

We may hear about certain plants and animals going dormant during winter, but what about pests? While they may not be out and about, they could be holed up on your lawn riding out the season. Learn more about some of the most common winter lawn pests and what you can do to rid your yard of them. Read more