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Signs of Billbugs in Your Lawn

Are There Signs of Billbugs in Your Lawn

How to Tell & Get Rid of Them

Do you have billbugs in your lawn? You'll know if you notice thinning spots in summertime. Damage is often mistaken for drought stress, so read on to learn more about the other signs and prevention methods. Read more

Unseen Dangers of Ivy

Unseen Dangers of Ivy

And What to do About it

Some may see ivy as a pretty addition to their fences and garden walls, but what they can't see could hurt them and their animals. Learn more about this plant and some of the dangers of ivy. Read more

Ways of Controlling Henbit

Ways of Controlling Henbit

And How You Can Prevent Weeds

Think you have henbit in your lawn? Most likely found in moist, shaded areas. Controlling henbit is as easy as feeding it to chickens—which is how it got its name—but there are other ways to prevent these weeds. Read more

Dog urine damage on your lawn

Dog Urine Damage on your Lawn

Why? Plus How to Treat and Prevent

Dog owners rejoice once their precious pup learns to pee outside! What's not so wonderful? Dog urine damage on your lawn. Learn why this happens, how to help restore your lawn, and ways to prevent future damage. Read more

Best Ways to Prevent Crabgrass

Best Ways to Prevent Crabgrass

And Dealing With What Survives

It may seem like one minute your lawn is pristine and green with no sign of weeds and then, surprise! But like most things, weeds like crabgrass don't just appear overnight. You also can't expect to get rid of it that quickly either. Here are some of the best ways to prevent crabgrass. Read more

What is slime mold

What is Slime Mold

And What Should I do About it

Over time, many things start to grow mold if left out. We've witnessed this process on certain foods, but what about on things that are always out—like our lawn? There are different varieties of slime mold that grows on grass. It's not as bad as it looks, but there are still ways to deal with it. Read more