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Beneficial Weeds

Are There Any Beneficial Weeds?

Are You Willing to Grow Them?

When most gardeners think about weeds, typically it’s something they think about having to fight within their lawn and eliminate from their garden. However, many gardeners are now focusing on the benefits of weeds and starting to swap out grass and gardens for more beneficial ground cover. Once you learn about how certain beneficial weeds can help and increase productivity in your garden, you may just make the switch as well. Read more

What are Weeds

What You Should Know About Weeds

And What You Should Do About It

Now that spring is in full swing, things are starting to grow at a rapid pace, including weeds. But, what are weeds, exactly? Some weeds may not look like weeds right away. Others could be good for your garden and environment. Then there are the more dangerous weeds you need to watch out for to protect yourself and your yard. Here’s a rundown of all of these weeds. Read more

Preemergent Weed Control

Preemergent Weed Control Products

And When to Apply Them

Starting to see weeds popping up in your yard and garden? Maybe you’re wishing you put down some preemergent weed control products right about now. Well, it may be too late for this season, but there’s always next time. The key is to learn what products to use and when to use them. The results are fewer weeds competing with your emerging plants. Read more

Common Lawn Disease

9 Common Lawn Diseases

And How to Prevent & Treat Them

You’ve waited all winter for your grass to grow back, but now you’re starting to see signs of stress. You may be dealing with a certain type of common lawn disease. Learn how to identify different diseases and correct the problem before it gets worse. Read more

Spring Weed Control

What Weeds to Watch This Spring

Plus Prevention & Controlling Methods

Finally! Your grass has started to grow again—but so have the weeds. Now’s the time to control the spread before the growing season is in full swing and it becomes out of control. Follow these spring weed control tips to help get rid of what you don’t want and protect what you do. Read more

When to Overseed Your Lawn

When to Overseed Your Lawn

Plus, What to do Before & After

Even though your lawn is just starting to wake up from dormancy, a lot could have happened over the winter. If your lawn isn’t bouncing back from the harsh winter temps, big changes like tree removal, or there are large bare spots for another reason, it may be time for action. Learn when to overseed your lawn and how it can help you enjoy lush, green grass this spring. Read more