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Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternflies are Back

What You Should Do

Have you spotted the spotted lanternfly yet? Last year was a doozy of destruction with these pests infesting trees and carcasses covering sidewalks. There are some things you can do now to help stop the spread before they take over again this year. Read more

Natural Weed Control

Natural Weed Control Methods

When Chemicals Won’t Cut It

Weeds are coming. Even in the most pristine lawns, it's possible a single weed seed will drift through the wind, rain, water, or by animal and find purchase in your lawn. What's a homeowner to do? Especially if you have kids and pets running around and want to help save the planet? Try some of these natural weed control methods. Read more

Common Weed Control Methods

Common Weed Control Methods

From Prevention to Professional

There's more than one way to fight a weed. The most common weed control methods fall under one of five categories: preventative, cultural, mechanical, biological, and chemical. The method depends on the type of weed you're dealing with and how far along it is in the growing process. Read more

Six Most Common Lawn Pests

Six Most Common Lawn Pests

Plus Prevention and Treatment Options

If you've been outside lately, whether working in your lawn or garden or simply walking around a grassy area, you've likely encountered a few lawn pests. Like you, they look for the best place to take shelter, eat, and raise their offspring. Given the right conditions, they may choose your lawn next and cause irreversible damage. Here are some of the most common lawn pests and ways to deal with them. Read more

Four Weed Benefits to Consider

Four Weed Benefits to Consider

While Reconsidering Weed Control

Before you get out the herbicides and lawn tools, learn about the various weed benefits and how they can help your lawn, garden, and environment. Read more

Most Common Spring Weeds

Four Most Common Spring Weeds

And What to do About Them

With warming weather and budding trees come a not-so-sunny side of spring—weeds. Some are harder to control than others, and some are pretty enough to be left alone. Whatever the case, here are four different types of common spring weeds you may find across your lawn. Read more