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Pruning Tool Care

5 Pruning Tool Care Tips

For Optimal Performance & Clean Cuts

While you take a break from pruning your trees and shrubs, now is the perfect time to prepare your tools. You want to make sure the tools you use are clean and sharp for optimal performance. Here are some pruning tool care tips to help ensure effecting pruning. Read more

As winter progresses and snow piles up, it's easy to forget about our lawns. But it's still there and still needs our attention, especially if it's buried in snow and ice. Here are the 10 best winter lawn care tips to help ensure the grass comes back green in the spring. Read more

A layer of frost across your lawn is a common sight this time of year. It's also a common cause of lawn damage under certain circumstances. Learn about the impact frost has on your grass and ways to help protect your lawn.  Read more

Wrapping yourself in a coat or cozy blanket is one way to stave off winter's chill. But what about for trees? While most trees can stand up to the harsh conditions, some are more susceptible to damage. Learn how wrapping trees in winter can help certain species survive the season.  Read more

Winter Tree and Shrub Care

Winter Tree & Shrub Care Tips

For a Vibrant Spring

While winter is the time of year when plant growth slows, they still need attention. The harsh cold, crippling ice, and smothering snow can all play a part in plant health. Use these winter tree and shrub care tips to help ensure your plants survive the season ready to thrive in the spring. Read more

Preventing Winter Lawn Pests

Preventing Winter Lawn Pests

What to do Now and Year-Round

Looking out over your frosty, dormant lawn, it's hard to imagine any pests are thriving out there. However, there are some that are patiently waiting out the winter nice and warm under the soil. There are ways of preventing winter lawn pests from surviving the season and feasting once the weather warms. Some of these tasks should be taken care of in the fall, but there’s still time to act now before having to deal with an infestation. Read more