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Lawn Watering Tips

7 Lawn Watering Tips

For Quenching Your Thirsty Grass

It's the last month of summer. Do you know how thirsty your lawn is? Here are some easy ways to tell if your grass needs a drink plus six lawn watering tips. Read more

Summer Weed Control

Summer Weed Control

& Other Lawn Maintenance Tips

Lawn looking a little lackluster? Don't give up on your grass! Even though we're well into the lazy, hazy days of summer, there's still weed control and watering to be done to help keep your yard looking its best. Read more

Grub Control Methods

Grub Control Methods

Identifying & Managing Lawn Pests

Now that summer is starting to round out, there are more reasons your grass may not be looking its best. From drought conditions to an outbreak of weeds, there's still a lot to try and manage this time of year. If you're also noticing more beetles, birds, or other animals tearing the turf, you can also add grub control to your list of lawn maintenance. Read more

Controlling Mole Crickets

Mole Cricket Control

Lawn Pest Identification & Treatment

There are a number of insects that could cause damage to your lawn and garden. Mole crickets are one such species. Learn the signs of these destructive creatures and how to help rid your lawn of them now and in the future. Read more

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Helping Your Yard Beat the Heat

No matter how big your yard is, just having that patch of grass adds a hominess to your home. This time of year it deserves a healthy dose of TLC to keep looking its best. Use these summer lawn maintenance tips to help your yard survive the heat and sun. Read more

Lawn Mowing Tips

Common Lawn Mowing Tips

Before, During & After You Mow

Summer is in full swing, so you should be quite familiar with the sound of mowing. The real question is, are you familiar with the proper way of mowing your lawn? Here are some common lawn mowing tips for before, during, and after cutting your grass. Read more