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Identifying Woody Weeds

Identifying Woody Weeds

And Methods of Weed Control

Some weeds are tougher to control than others. You've got your common thin, grassy weeds and hardier broadleaf weeds. Then there are those woody weeds that prove to be more difficult to remove. Identifying woody weeds is the first step in effective control. Learn what to watch for and how to keep your lawn from looking like the woods. Read more

Lanternfly Treatment

Spotted Lanternfly Treatment Options

And How to Control Infestations

If you haven't already experienced a spotted lanternfly infestation, consider yourself lucky. These invasive pests have been around since about 2014 and are only growing in numbers. This may be the year you see them in your area, so keep the following lanternfly treatment tips handy. Read more

Natural Weed Control Methods

Natural Weed Control Methods

To Kill or Not to Kill

Got weeds? Before you pick up that chemical spot spray, learn more about alternative natural weed control methods. Read more

Methods of Weed Control

5 Methods of Weed Control

And How to Prevent Pop-Ups

Just as there are many different types of weeds there are many methods of weed control. Whether you want to prevent, pull, or spray, there's a right way to do each. Read more

Identifying Common Lawn Pests

Identifying Common Lawn Pests

Plus Prevention and Treatment Options

Now that your lawn is waking up, so are the pests that have the potential to do damage. Learn about identifying common lawn pests and ways of dealing with them. Read more

Beneficial Weeds

Are There any Beneficial Weeds?

What to Save and What to Pull

When gardeners hear the word "weeds" there's usually not a positive response. However, not all weeds are bad. In fact, there are some beneficial weeds you may want to consider growing in your garden on purpose. Here are some reasons why. Read more