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Planting New Trees

Guide for Planting New Trees

From Plant Selection to Planting Process

Congratulations on your decision to plant a new tree! You’re doing a wonderful thing for your yard and the environment. However, there’s more to properly planting a tree than simply digging a hole. It takes planning and regular attention to keep a tree healthy and your yard happy. Follow this helpful guide for planting new trees to make the most of your investment. Read more

Plan for Mowing Your Lawn

Make a Plan for Mowing Your Lawn

What to do Now & Later

It may not be time to start mowing your lawn yet, but it’s never too early to plan and prep. If you’re properly prepared once the time is right, you’ll be rewarded with a lush lawn to last the season. Here are some things to focus on in your plan for mowing your lawn. Read more

Lawn Dethatchers

Lawn Dethatchers

Pick the One Designed for Your Project

After a winter of drastic temperature changes and harsh precipitation, your lawn may need some TLC. There are different lawn dethatchers to choose from to help refresh your lawn, and picking the right one depends on the size of the job. Read more

Pink Snow Mold

What’s Pink Snow Mold?

Prevention & Treatment Options

As winter thaws and spring draws near, there may be something hiding beneath that blanket of snow. Pink snow mold is a common lawn disease affecting certain grasses. Learn the signs, treatment options, and how to prevent it from ruining the first signs of spring in your yard. Read more

Healthy Lawn Tips

8 Healthy Lawn Tips

Start Planning for Spring

Spring is right around the corner (no matter what that groundhog saw). This means your grass is getting ready to wake up from its winter dormancy! While you may not be mowing just yet, it’s never too early to prepare. Here are eight healthy lawn tips to get you started. Read more

Winter Tree Pruning

Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

What Should Stay & Go

According to the weather-predicting groundhog, there are six more weeks of winter ahead of us. How are your trees coping? Through snow, wind, ice, and dramatic temperature changes, our plants can take a beating. Proper pruning is one way to help relieve some stress so they can bounce back once it’s finally spring. Learn more about the benefits of winter tree pruning and how to do it correctly. Read more