5 Types of Lawn Disease

Plus Prevention Methods


During this season of giving, give your lawn some added attention. Now that most of the leaves have fallen and the weather is changing, your lawn is more susceptible to certain unfavorable conditions. Learn about the different types of lawn disease and how to prevent them this season. Come the spring, you’ll be thankful you spent the extra time now.

Types of Lawn Disease

Between a blanket of leaves and frosty mornings, your lawn is at risk for contracting a number of diseases. Understanding the types of conditions and how to manage them is crucial for maintaining a healthy lawn. Here are a few factors to be aware of and how to help protect your yard.

  1. Dollar Spot. A common fungal disease that thrives in cool, moist conditions—like the chilly morning dew. You’ll notice small, silver-dollar-sized spots across your lawn, leading to larger patches. To prevent dollar spot, aerate your lawn to help improve soil drainage and avoid overwatering.
  2. Necrotic Ring Spot. Another fungal disease that causes circular patches of dead grass when the weather is cool and wet. In addition to maintaining proper lawn health through regular care, aeration and overseeding, you also want to avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizer.
  3. Fairy Ring. If you notice rings of dead grass in sections of lawn, you could be dealing with this fungal disease. Excess thatch and soil compaction often leads to the build-up that causes this condition. Dethatching your lawn and maintaining a consistent lawn care routine with proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing will help with prevention.
  4. Rust. This fungal disease gives grass a rusty or orange appearance. It starts in the late summer and early fall when the weather is warm and humid. Aeration can also help prevent this disease by promoting proper air circulation. Also, regular lawn mowing and adequate fertilization guards against the disease.
  5. Pythium Blight. The slimy, dark patches of this fast-spreading disease thrives in wet conditions. That’s why it’s important to improve drainage, avoid overwatering, and refrain from mowing when the grass is wet.

Thankful for Proactive Pros

Maintaining a healthy lawn is not always easy, especially when the weather and other conditions can be unpredictable. One thing you can rely on is the expertise of a lawn care specialist from Cardinal Lawns. If you’re concerned about the health of your lawn and want to ensure it not only survives this season, but thrives, call 614-808-4446 to schedule a consultation. We can help put a plan in place for regular maintenance so you can give your lawn the attention it needs throughout the year.

Lawn Disease Guide

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