What are Asian Lady Beetles

Nope, They’re Not Ladybugs

Halloween may be over, but there could still be a scary situation happening in your house. Since the seasons are changing, pests could be turning to your home for shelter. One pest in particular is known to swarm this time of year. A close cousin to the ladybug, Asian lady beetles are orange and black—appropriate for the season—and arrive in droves looking to spend the winter inside. Learn how to turn your luck around to prevent these pests from infiltrating your home. 

Asian Lady Beetles

Sometimes known as a Halloween beetle, these bugs are black or orange in color and may or may not have spots. Unlike their so-called-lucky ladybug cousins, these beetles can emit an odor if squished and have been known to bite when threatened. Not so lucky. So it’s safe to try to prevent them from entering your home. How?

Beetle Control

If you happen to see the swarm outside, it’s time to get out the hose or pest spray. Spraying them off the siding will deter them from hanging around. If they do end up getting in, it’s best to vacuum them instead of trying to trap them. Especially since there’s likely to be a large gathering. 

Part of the good news is, since these beetles are coldblooded, they’re not likely to last long indoors where it’s warm. You’d think they’d know this by now, but some bugs are just not that smart. 

There are several pest control sprays available that are meant to be applied around the perimeter of your home to prevent infestations. You’ll also want to spray around windows and doors since that’s usually where they enter. Seal any cracks around these areas as well. 

If these efforts fail, and the infestation becomes more than you bargained for, enlist the help of a professional pest control company. Contact Cardinal Lawns to help rid your home of any unwanted bug, including the Asian lady beetle.

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