Perimeter Lawn Pest Protection

Leave the Pests Outside


Now that you’ve prepared your lawn for preventing pests, it’s time to turn toward your home to help ensure insects and other creatures don’t find their way in. Even the smallest crack or crevice could be an access point. Different methods of perimeter lawn pest protection can help prevent access to creatures great or small.

Perimeter Lawn Pest Protection

From the smallest ant to a large raccoon, pests have ways of accessing your home. You just may not know about it…yet. A small crack in your home’s foundation or split in the window screen can mean ants, mites, spiders, and fleas can get in. Open access to sheds, garages, and your attic are welcome signs to birds, bats, squirrels, and raccoons.

One of the best ways to prevent pests from crossing your threshold is to seal any possible access points. Fix broken screens, gable vents, doors, and any other area that leads inside. Close access to crawl spaces and gate the area under your deck or porch.

You can also make your yard less desirable for pests to wander by. Clear your yard of debris. Secure trash cans or keep them inside. Limited options mean a pest may move on to look for somewhere more accommodating. Somewhere with moist, dark places to hide and food to eat.

If you want to go a more chemical route, use one of the many specialized insecticides available. These products are formulated for application around the perimeter of your home to stop pests from entering. Repeat application may be needed depending on the product and area.

Professional Perimeter Control

If you’ve prepped your perimeter to help prevent pests but still find some have gained access anyway, it’s time to call in the professionals. Contact Cardinal Lawns to help with both preventative measures and pest removal and gain back control of your home this season and next.

Lawn Pest Guide

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