Stink Bug Control

For a More Pleasant Fall

Do you know what stinks about fall? We’re not talking about the scent of autumnal bonfires, pumpkin spice, and forest pines. No. We’re talking about pests. Stink bugs, in particular. These creepy, crawly insects invade homes this time of year looking for shelter. But you can use these stink bug control tactics to help prevent them from venturing into your house.

What are Stink Bugs

If you haven’t noticed them already, good for you! Your home is probably well protected from insect invaders. But they are out there, and more of them now that it’s been unseasonably warm. You’ll spot their brown, shield-shaped body, six legs, and antennae. Hopefully you won’t have to experience the odor they emit when they feel threatened. It’s really the only offensive thing about them, other than the hassle of having to clear out the hordes that can crawl through the cracks of windows and doors.

Stink Bug Control Tactics

These bugs can crawl and fly, easily accessing entry points around your home. These points include any gaps, cracks, or openings around windows, doors, vents, and pipes. So, how do you keep them out?

  • One of the best ways to keep them out is to seal these crevices with caulk or weatherstripping.
  • Make sure the screens you use in doors and windows are in good condition. Repair and holes or tears or all kinds of bugs will be able to find their way through.
  • Any vented area in the attic, garage, or crawl spaces should be screened as well for another protective barrier.
  • Any exterior door should have a functioning door sweep to block bugs from crawling underneath.

You can also make your home less attractive to stink bugs by:

  • Closing curtains and blinds at night. Stink bugs are attracted to light, so this limits the indoor light that attracts them like a beacon.
  • Removing vegetation. Clear garden beds around your home where stink bugs can hide.
  • Trim bushes and trees. Keep plants away from your home to make it harder for bugs to reach higher areas undetected.

If you still find yourself with a stink bug problem even after all of these prevention methods, it’s time to call in the pros. Contact Cardinal Lawns to help limit the number of stink bugs around your home so you can enjoy the more pleasant scents of the season.

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