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Pests such as mosquitoes can be a threat to your family's health. But the chemicals that control these bugs can be problematic, too, when used incorrectly. The pros at Cardinal Lawns can help with strategic and judicious applications of pesticide to protect your loved ones and keep your lawn healthy and pest-free. Read more

The root system of the oxalis plant causes gardeners to go mad with frustration. Anywhere the oxalis stem touches the ground, the plant can grow new roots. Lucky for you, we have five tips to help you conquer this weed, preserve your landscape, and hold onto your sanity. Read more

Every year, mosquito-borne illnesses afflict some 700 million people, killing more than 1 million of them. We want to share a few facts about two nasty viruses, West Nile and Zika, and how you can help humanity win the battle against these diseases through stronger mosquito control. Read more

How Much to Water the Lawn

How Much to Water the Lawn

Consistency matters. Give your lawn an even amount of water, all year round. Your lawn needs about one inch of water, including rainfall, per week, every week, even during winter. If temperatures remain at or above 85 degrees for a while, the lawn may need 1 ½ to 2 inches of water. Read more