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Signs of Japanese Beetles and Grubs

Signs of Japanese Beetles and Grubs

What to Look For

The presence of Japanese beetles and grubs can have detrimental effects to your lawn. It's important to start a treatment program before pest infestations cause irreparable damage. Learn here about the signs of Japanese beetles and grubs. Read more

Final Winter Fertilizer: Before the First Freeze

Final Winter Fertilization

Applying Fertilizer Before the First Freeze

Winter is coming, so your lawn is about to go dormant. Ensure your lawn's health next spring by applying a fertilizer application before the first frost. Learn more here about how to apply a winter lawn fertilizer. Read more

How to Diagnose and Treat Red Thread

Red Thread: Diagnosis and Treatment

Identification and Control

Red thread is a fungal lawn disease that can slowly turn your lawn a pinkish-red color. Click here to learn how to identify and combat it. Read more

Once considered the disease of golf greens, pythium blight is now known to cause serious damage to athletic turfs and backyard grasses as well. We offer tips for you to identify, prevent and beat this deadly grass fungus. Read more