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Pruning trees and shrubs is a necessary task that ensures their continued health and beauty by guiding the growth process and formation of the plants. Learn more here about pruning trees and shrubs. Read more

Lawn mower blades grow dull and develop nicks and dings with continued use, so sharpening your blades at least once each mowing season is a must. Sharp blades are a vital part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Here’s how to sharpen mower blades safely. Read more

It’s easy to be neglectful when it comes to winter lawn care during the cold months. There are a number of ways to properly care for a lawn in the winter in order to ensure a beautiful yard come spring. Learn what to do and what not to do here. Read more

Shrubs and other plants are a valuable asset to any property. Take good care of your investment by performing regular inspections to maintain the health of your plants. Here, learn three things to check for when inspecting shrubs. Read more

Shrubs play an important part in landscape design. Not only are they an attractive addition to any garden, but they serve practical purposes, too. Learn here about some of the basics of how to plant a shrub. Read more