Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Why and How to Prune Now

How’s your winter going so far? Not just for you, but your trees as well? If you haven’t already asked the question, it’s a good idea to take a look outside and check on them. Not only is the winter the perfect time to prune, but branches may need trimming before they cause any damage. Here are some winter tree pruning tips to keep in mind during the process.

Why Prune?

The goal of tree pruning is to maintain a healthy plant structure long term. Sure, you want a beautiful tree to bloom in the spring, but you also want it to be strong enough to withstand natural elements, like weather and pests. So, if you’re looking to positively influence the future of a tree, then the winter is the best time to act. Proper planting helps prevent the tree from getting in the way of power lines, homes, or other important structures. Proper pruning helps make it less of a hazard in any other way.

Winter Tree Pruning Tips

Welcome to prime tree pruning season. Why is winter the best time to prune?

  • The plants are dormant
  • You can see what you’re doing without all the leaves
  • Harsh weather can turn a branch into a hazard.

So if you want your yard to continue to be a safe space and a beautiful one come spring, now is the time to follow these tips:

  1. Consider the size and location of your tree. If you can’t reach the branches that need to be cut, or there are power lines and unmovable structures in the way, stop what you’re doing and call a professional. Don’t get on a ladder with a sharp object and risk getting hurt or causing expensive damage if you don’t have to.
  2. If the tree is short enough, safe enough, and you know what you’re doing, then make sure you have the right tools. They should be clean and sharp so that the pruning cuts are clean and won’t damage the tree more.
  3. Check the forecast. It’s best to prune on a clear, dry day. Chances of a fresh cut catching a disease increases when it’s wet.
  4. Remove any dead and diseased branches first. If any of these branches could compromise the stability of the tree, reconsider calling that professional.
  5. Lastly, cut any leftover branches that will let more light and air through.
  6. Be sure not to over prune, especially at the top of a tree. Tree-topping may seem like a good idea at the time if your tree looks unbalanced, but it could cause irreversible damage and result in having to remove the entire tree.

Professional Pruning

One of the best ways to prune a tree is to call a professional for help. Contact Cardinal Lawns for a consultation with some who knows how to care for your trees and encourage them to flourish beautifully in the spring and prosper year-round.

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