6 Simple Healthy Lawn Tips

Shape up Your Spring Plan

While it’s still dormant season and your grass may be currently covered in snow, it’s never too early to start thinking about a lush lawn. Here are six simple healthy lawn tips for greener grass this spring.

Healthy Lawn Tips

Now is the time to put a plan in place for when your grass wakes up from its winter nap. Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your spring.

  1. Prepare your tools. You can even check the shape of your mowing and gardening tools now before you need them. Make sure the blades are clean and sharp. This helps ensure your cuts are clean and won’t tear your grass or garden. Jagged edges are more prone to disease.
  2. Mowing techniques. When it is time to break out the lawnmower, make sure you have it set to cut at the right height for your type of grass. Keeping it too tall invites pests and keeping it too short invites disease. Try to shoot for the taller end of the trimming spectrum. This helps to keep the roots longer which strengthens the grass, making it more resistant to drought and disease. Whatever you do, don’t remove more than one-third of the height of the grass in one pass. This adds too much stress, making it more susceptible to disease. Also, switch up your pattern to help prevent any bald spots.
  3. Mulch. You know that organic mulch adds nutrients to the soil, but did you know grass clippings can act as mulch for your grass? Plus, if you’ve used fertilizer on your lawn, throwing the clippings away would be a waste of this work. Instead of bagging and trashing, leave the clippings to add nitrogen back into the soil.
  4. Water schedule. Keep your grass hydrated with about an inch of water per week. Once you enter the dry season, you can water deeply in the morning and less frequently to help ensure your grass isn’t parched.
  5. Aerate. There are various ways to do so, but each technique is designed to reduce soil compaction and improve root development.
  6. Weeds. The healthier your grass, the less likely weeds will pop up. If they do, the faster you act to get rid of them, the easier the task will be.

Maintaining Lawn Health

While the weather and type of soil you have greatly affect your lawn, you can’t always control these factors. You can follow the lawn care tips above to help manage any issues. With a little time and a lot of know-how, you are on your way to enjoying a lush, healthy lawn. However, if it ever becomes unmanageable, contact Cardinal Lawns for help.

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