The Proper Winter Lawn Fertilizer

What’s Best to Beat the Winter Stress


The harsh, cold weather is tough on many things, including roads, cars, animals, humans, and our lawns. Just as we prepare our car tires, keep pets inside, and bundle up against the brutal temps, we must also prep the grass for winter. Using the proper winter lawn fertilizer helps ensure its ready to flourish again come spring.

What is Winter Lawn Fertilizer

Also known as Winterizer, there are different brands of specialized fertilizer formulas designed to be applied to lawns between mid-August to the end of November—usually whenever you stop mowing your lawn for the season. While each brand has its own ingredients, most winter lawn fertilizers contain quick-releasing, water-soluble nitrogen for two main purposes:

  1. Help store food for the winter
  2. Ensure enough is stored for healthy roots and growth in spring.

How to Apply Winterizer

The type of winterizer you use depends on the type of grass you have and the area where you live. Each winterizer has its own set of directions. Pay close attention to all instructions.

Generally, you’ll use a fertilizer spreader to help achieve even coverage across your lawn. Try using a little less than instructed to help prevent over-fertilizing and contaminating the area with any excess nitrogen.

With help finding the proper winter lawn fertilizer for your type of grass, contact the lawn specialist at Cardinal Lawns today. It’s never too early to start thinking of spring.

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