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Every lawn is subject to bouts of lawn disease. Though diseases vary in severity, some can devastate your lawn with its symptoms. Read on to learn how to identify five common lawn diseases that affect all grass types. Read more

The harsh winter elements can ravage any lawn. Dethatching is one of the most important steps to take in the early spring to help reinvigorate your lawn. Read on to learn a few tips and tricks about this important aspect of spring lawn care. Read more

In maintaining your landscape, one of the most important projects in the spring is mulching. Read on to learn why the majority of garden experts advise that you keep your mulch from the previous year right where it is. Read more

Early spring is a prime time for pruning trees and shrubs, even though some gardening sources advise that you prune spring-flowering trees and shrubs after they bloom. Learn here about why the ideal time for a lot of your pruning is early spring. Read more

Sharpening your mower’s blades twice each season helps maintain your lawn’s health and appearance. Having a sharp blade cuts grass blades cleanly, allowing them to recover quickly. It can also help reduce your mowing time. Read here to learn how to sharpen mower blades like a lawn professional. Read more