5 Key Grass Cutting Tips

Mowing lawn

Proper lawn mowing is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, vibrantly green lawn. Because the top growth of grass is an indication of your lawn’s root system, cutting your grass directly controls the root system’s depth and your lawn’s overall health. There are a number of factors to consider when mowing. Read on to learn five important grass cutting tips for keeping your lawn healthy.

  1. Mowing Height – Grass should ideally be cut at about 2 to 3 inches high. Grass cut too short can promote weed growth and can reduce the depth of its root system, creating thin, patchy turf. Once fall sets in, grass growth slows as it prepares for its winter dormancy. You should progressively cut your grass at a higher height to minimize the stress it is already facing from the cooler temperatures. A good rule of thumb is to avoid cutting grass more than one third of its total height, as taking less than one third helps lessen the stress of being mowed, helping maximize its health.
  2. Grass Cutting Frequency – It is important to cut your lawn at regular intervals. Base the cutting frequency on your lawn’s grass type and its seasonal growth rate. Most lawns require once-weekly mowing.
  3. Mowing Patterns – Take care to avoid mowing in the same direction every time. Mowing repeatedly in the same direction can gradually compact your soil into ruts. Because grass leans and grows in the direction it is cut, mowing in a different direction every time helps the grass grow upright, avoiding rut formations that can become visible.
  4. Grass Clippings – It is beneficial to leave clippings on your lawn after mowing. Grass clippings left on the lawn decompose back into your topsoil because they are 75 to 80 percent water. Clippings are chock full of minerals and nutrients that reduce the need for applying lawn fertilizer. A mulching lawn mower is a wise investment because they boast a dual purpose: they cut grass and distribute clippings back onto your lawn in one easy step.
  5. Your Lawn Mower – Inspect your mower annually and ensure that its blades are kept sharp. It is important to check your mower height settings and that it is returning grass clippings to the lawn during your inspection, as well.

Want more grass cutting tips? Contact Cardinal Lawns with any questions about how to mow your lawn like a pro and keep your yard looking beautiful.

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