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Weeds are undesirable plants that invade gardens and turf, stealing their nutrients. Split into two main types—broadleaf and grassy—methods of control depend on the kind of weed on your property. Learn here about how to identify these weeds. Read more

Clover is one of the most common weeds in Ohio. This aggressive, invasive perennial is known for taking over your yard. Many homeowners yearn for clover-free turf. Read on to learn about how to control clover in your lawn. Read more

White grubs can cause serious damage to a healthy lawn. They feast on grass roots, causing brown patches of turf that pull up easily. There are several other ways to control a white grub infestation. Read here to find out more. Read more

The summer heat can present a whole new crop of problems for your lawn when you’re attempting to control weeds. Instead of attacking summer weeds with all the herbicide in your arsenal, we advise a less aggressive approach. Read here to learn more. Read more

Fleas and ticks are unwanted pests that feed on the blood of their hosts. These parasites can transmit a variety of diseases, so it is important to treat your pets—and your lawn—in order to keep your family and furry friends protected. Read more

Billbugs are a common pest that plagues turfgrass lawns in Ohio. This turf pest causes brown spotting throughout your yard as it feeds on your grass. Read here to learn about billbug prevention and how to manage an infestation. Read more