Common Winter Lawn Diseases

How to Identify and Treat

Whether your grass is currently covered in snow or it’s fighting off a sudden chill, there are still several common winter lawn diseases to watch out for. Learn what the signs are and how to help your yard survive the season.

Common Winter Lawn Diseases

Even though it’s winter, your lawn still requires care. Just because the grass may not be growing as much, it’s still susceptible to problems. The two most common winter lawn diseases are brown patch and broadleaf weeds. Both of these issues are triggered by excessive soil moisture. Something to think about as the snow and ice slowly melts over the frozen ground. Take a closer look at each problem to try and troubleshoot.

Large/Brown Patch

This fungal disease doesn’t discriminate between warm- and cool-season turfgrasses. It’s typically referred to as Large Patch when it affects warm-season turf and Brown Patch in reference to cool-season turf.

In both cases, the fungus originates at the base of the leaf where the blade attaches to a stem of the plant. When you pull on the leaf blade, it detaches easily and you can see dark, water-soaked tissue at the base of the blade. What starts as small spots across your lawn expands to larger areas if left untreated.

Cooler conditions, excessive rainfall, and poor irrigation are all factors that contribute to the spread of large/brown spot. Treatment starts by making sure there are no areas of your lawn that holds pools of water. Proper irrigation and aeration can help to remedy excessive moisture. There are also fungicides to help treat the condition and bring your lawn back to life.

Broadleaf Weeds in Winter

Harsh winter conditions can stress out grass that’s not properly prepped for the season. Even though it’s gone dormant, a lack of nutrients can negatively impact your lawn. This creates an opportunity for weeds to thrive. If you haven’t kept up with mowing, watering, and other lawn maintenance this season, expect some weeds to appear. You can use post-emergent weed killers to curb the issue, but taking the time to properly maintain your lawn will help combat future issues.

Winter Lawn Disease Reinforcements

If you’d rather take the winter off or find yourself overwhelmed by the thought of lawn maintenance, you can always call for help. Contact Cardinal Lawns any time of year for a consultation on what your lawn needs most. From disease identification to prevention, we can help your lawn make it through the season and come prosper through the spring.

Lawn Disease Guide

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