Grub Control 101

Signs & Prevention of Grubs in Your Lawn


The first thing to learn about grub control: a few grubs are okay, but a lot is a problem. Learn about the signs of grub problem and a few solutions.

What are Grubs

Tiny, white, C-shaped larvae of beetles burrow in the soil to feed on grass roots and other organic matter. When beetles feed on plants in the early summer, they also lay their eggs in the soil. As soon as they hatch, they begin eating the closest thing—your grass roots. The growing and eating process continues through the fall, then they start to borrow deeper to spend the winter. Once the weather warms up, the grubs return back to the surface, emerge as beetles, and the cycle continues.

Signs of Grubs

Some early signs of grubs may not be grubs at all. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Many beetles around your lawn and garden in the early summer.
  • Your lawn feels spongy when stepped on.
  • Dead patches of grass in late summer. If it’s easy to pull back these areas, it’s most likely because grubs have already eaten the roots that would be holding it to the ground.
  • Animals—such as raccoons, skunks, and birds—are digging up our lawn. These animals are looking for all the tasty, mature grubs feasting on your grass.

If seeing is believing, pull back several areas of grass. if you see so or more grubs, it’s time to act.

Grub Control

There are several ways of preventing and treating a grub problem.

  1. Maintain your lawn. If it’s thirsty and underfed, grub damage will make it worse. Proper lawn maintenance makes your lawn stronger and able to tolerate a few grubs.
  2. Kill them before they hatch. Apply a preventative grub control product in the spring, especially if you see a lot of beetles around or have had grub problems before.
  3. Make a soapy mixture to spray over the trouble spots in your lawn. This will force the grubs to the surface, where the birds will be happy to help you take care of the problem.

For more information on grub control and how to properly maintain your lawn, contact Cardinal Lawns today.

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