Living with Clover in Your Lawn

Growing a Weed with a Purpose


Looking out across the grass and seeing patches of white flowers may not be tolerated by those who yearn for a pristine, green lawn. However, clusters of clover are not the end of the world. In fact, there are many benefits of clover in your lawn that may even convert some green lawn-lovers.

What is Clover

With three or four green leaves—that some consider to be lucky—and white, yellow, or pink flowers, clover plants can be seen as a weed, ground cover, food, and more.

Benefits of Clover in Your Lawn

Clover may be considered a weed, but it’s one with a higher purpose. Here are some reasons why people tolerate—or even purposely grow—clover.

  • It grows easily in many soils and climates.
  • Clover acts as a natural fertilizer.
  • It can be used for composting.
  • Use as a ground cover, especially at the base of large trees and shrubs,
  • It helps prevent weeds.
  • Honeybees pollinate clover, it’s one of the main sources of nectar.

Best Uses for Clover

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, clover has some very important uses outside of the garden.

  • Farmers grow certain types of clover as food for livestock.
  • Clover repairs soil by pulling nitrogen out of the air and injecting it into the soil through the roots.
  • It acts as a mulch to shade the soil and keeps it moist.
  • The deep root system makes it more drought tolerant and helps keep soil from eroding.
  • Clover can also be found in the kitchen. Look at your honey, soups, salads, and herbal tea ingredients.

So not only can you live with clover in your lawn, you may find yourself wanting to grow it for the many benefits to your garden and surroundings.

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