How to Control Summer Weeds

And How to Identify and Prevent Them Too


Now that it’s summer and you’re spending more time out in the garden and lawn, you may have noticed the weeds that survived any early spring weed treatment. Learn how to control summer weeds now so that you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors than battling it.

How to Identify Weeds

Looking out across your lawn, weeds may not always be as obvious as broadleaf weeds like yellow dandelions or white clover flowers. Grassy weeds look just like grass. There are still ways to pick them out of the lineup.

  • Crabgrass. Weed blades shoot out in different directions. May also appear in cracks of pavement.
  • Bluegrass. Flat, smooth, light green leaves with a wrinkled segment mid-blade. Grows in moist, cool, shaded areas.
  • Nutsedge. A triangular stem that grows quicker and taller than grass.

Broadleaf weeds—like knotweed, dandelion, ground ivy, and white clover—are easier to identify by their colorful flowers and wider leaf blades.

How to Control Summer Weeds

Dealing with weeds once they appear is always tougher, but doable. Pull out the weeds you can identify. Make sure you get it out by the root—don’t just pull the leaf, stem, or flower off—or it’s more likely to return.

Post-emergent herbicides is another option. Extreme summer heat can help kill these weeds off as well. There are selective grassy weed herbicides, selective broadleaf herbicides, combination products, and non-selective herbicides, so make sure you know which weeds you need to treat and select the right product. As always, follow specific label instructions for best results.

Preventing Weeds

The best way to prevent weeds is to maintain a healthy lawn. Proper watering, mowing, aerating, and fertilization helps create the best growing environment. Weeds are typically a sign of poor growing conditions. Low nitrogen, compact soil, and too much shade are some prime weed conditions. If you notice more and more weeds popping up around your lawn, take notice of the conditions in the area and work to improve the specific issue.

For more information on how to control summer weeds in your yard, contact the lawn specialists at Cardinal Lawns.

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