Protecting Trees and Shrubs in Winter With Wind Barriers

Snow covered tree

Many plants have a hard time making it through the winter intact. The winds in this cold season cause severe damage to your trees and shrubs by drying out plants and blowing the leaves and needles off the branches. There are ways of protecting trees and shrubs in winter by creating wind barriers. Read on to learn more.

Tree Wraps

Find commercial tree wraps at your local nursery or hardware store to use on your trees and shrubs. Tree wraps, most commonly constructed of burlap netting, are wrapped tightly around the plant, pressing the branches and limbs into the trunk to prevent them from snapping off. Evergreens and conifers are especially vulnerable, so pay extra attention to these trees and shrubs.

Build a Shelter

Shelter smaller trees and shrubs from wind damage by giving them protective walls. A simple shelter can be built in minutes with metal stakes and a few feet of burlap. Post the stakes into the ground around the perimeter of the plant and wrap the burlap around them to create a wall. For the best results, try to make the wall the same height as your tree or shrub.

Water Well

Keeping your trees and shrubs hydrated in winter can go a long way in preventing wind damage. Plants go dormant in the winter, which means they require less water since they are not growing at this time. They still do need some water, though. Try giving your trees and shrubs a good soaking once a week until the ground freezes.

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