Winter Lawn Care: What To Do and What Not to Do

Winter lawn

Many people tend to be neglectful when it comes to winter lawn care during the cold months. There are a number of things homeowners can do to properly care for their lawns in the winter in order to ensure a beautiful yard come spring. Read on to learn what to do and what not to do when tending to your lawn this season.


  • Prepare for the winter in autumn by aerating to avoid compaction, fertilizing to provide nutrients, and mowing to promote blade health before the first frost. Winter fertilization is especially important because it feeds your lawn throughout the winter. This is also an optimal time to replace the nutrients your lawn lost during the summer.
  • Mow low during your last cut of the season. Tall grass attracts rodents who burrow in your lawn for the winter, gradually destroying your turf with their nests.


  • Apply sodium chloride-based salt to melt snow and ice. Try using a calcium chloride-based mixture or sand instead, as these options are less damaging to your grass.
  • Subject your lawn to excessive foot traffic. Walking on dormant winter grass packs snow into your soil, slowing down the melting process. This often results in mold-related lawn diseases once the weather warms up. Keep your sidewalks shoveled to prevent people from cutting across the lawn.
  • Remove all the snow from your lawn after a snowfall. Snow insulates your lawn during the winter and provides moisture when your grass thaws out in spring.
  • Leave clutter. Objects left on your lawn in the cold and snow can leave dead spots once the rest of your grass bounces back. This results in slower, thinner, patchier growth.

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