Top 10 Things You Can Do For Your Lawn This Winter

Help it Survive the Season

As winter progresses and snow piles up, it’s easy to forget about our lawns. But it’s still there and still needs our attention, especially if it’s buried in snow and ice. Here are the 10 best winter lawn care tips to help ensure the grass comes back green in the spring.

Best Winter Lawn Care Tips

  1. Mow low and alow. Even though the lawn is dormant by now and growth has slowed, you want to make sure the grass is short to help reduce the risk of disease.
  2. Feed your lawn wisely. Choose a winter fertilizer with a good balance of slow-release nutrients. This boosts root development and prepares your grass for the dormant winter season.
  3. Aerate. This helps nutrients reach the roots and improves water absorption, which will come in handy when all the snow and ice melts.
  4. Keep it clear. You can limit winter stress by keeping the lawn clear of debris. Remove or mulch fallen leaves and plant debris, clear any clutter and furniture, and let your grass breathe.
  5. Seed. If you’ve got bare spots, late winter is the time to seed them. The cool temperatures and occasional snowfall creates the perfect conditions for seed germination. Just make sure the ground has thawed before you lay any seed.
  6. Hydrate. Your lawn can still get thirsty in the cold, especially if there’s a dry spell. Give it a sip of water to tuck it back into a dreamy dormant state.
  7. Snow management. Don’t let heavy snow accumulate for too long as it can damage the grass. Lightly shovel or use a snow blower to keep it in check.
  8. Weed management. Yes, you may still see pesky weeds pop up in winter. Pull them out while they’re still small, and your lawn will thank you come spring.
  9. Protect delicate plants. Any young or delicate plant could use a little added protection from harsh winter winds. Wrapping them in burlap is like giving them a warm winter coat.
  10. Tend to your tools. Clean and sharpen your mower blades, pruners, and other tools. Then they’ll be ready for action in the spring.

Professional Lawn Care

A little effort to maintain your lawn now means a lush, green welcome to spring. Contact Cardinal Lawns for a lawn care plan that helps ensure your lawn is ready for any season.

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