Secrets to a Sweet Summer Lawn

Maintenance Tips for the Season

We’re in the final weeks of summer now and it shows—especially on the lawn. Some grasses go dormant in the extreme heat. Others just haven’t soaked enough water. Not to worry. There’s still time to get your lawn in shape and enjoy what’s left of the season. Here are some summer lawn maintenance tips to tackle things like mowing and weeds.

The Importance of Summer Lawn Maintenance

Having a lawn has many benefits, including a soft spot to stretch out or play on warm summer days. It also means taking on many responsibilities, like mowing, watering, and weeding. Keeping up with these tasks not only helps give you a greener lawn, but it also lessens the chance of having to deal with certain pests and related problems in the future.

If your lawn looks brown and patchy now, it could mean a few things. Some grass goes dormant during the height of the summer. It’s like its own mini vacation from the stress of heat and drought. But it could also mean the heat and drought did the grass in, or the poor conditions have resulted in disease or pest infestation. However, all is not lost.

There are ways to help get your grass back to green again. It could simply take a stretch of cooler days and rainfall. But it also needs your attention. It’s best to prepare your lawn for summer in the spring and fall when grass seed and fertilizer are more likely to hold. But there are still things you can do now.

Mowing & Edging

Even though your grass is not growing at the level it was in the spring and will again in the fall, regular mowing should still be a priority. Forget the schedule and only mow when it needs mowing. You don’t want to cut too much off anyway. Cutting the grass helps to encourage new growth. Also, leaving short grass clippings acts as a natural fertilizer. Groom the grass to a neat appearance and stimulate new, healthy growth at the same time.

You may also find more grass growing along the edges of gardens and walkways which could absorb more of the rain runoff. Keep these areas trimmed even if the entire lawn doesn’t need cutting. This will also help your lawn from leaning into garden beds.

Weed Control

One thing that continues to grow well into the summer is weeds. It may boggle the mind why your plants and grass are dying but weeds are thriving, even with little to no water or nutrients. While some people may embrace certain weeds, there are a few poisonous varieties and ones that will quickly take over if left alone.

Proper mowing and edging can help curb weeds in your lawn from spreading into your garden. But you may also have to do a fair amount of hand-pulling or herbicide spraying to tackle the rest. Just be sure you’re using the right herbicide for the job. There are different ones to kill lawn weeds and leave your grass alone. Others kill everything it touches.

Maintaining a healthy lawn can help prevent weeds from popping up to begin with. Also, prepping in the spring with a few layers of mulch or a pre-emergent herbicide can help keep weeds under control. If they do end up taking over, you may just want to hit them with the weedwhacker and wait for them to die in the winter. Then start fresh in the spring.

Professional Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

One of the easiest ways to properly maintain your lawn and help keep it looking great all season is to hire a professional lawn care company. When you contact Cardinal Lawns you can discuss everything from spring and fall prep, expert mowing tips, and what to do about certain weeds you’re currently battling. Take the guesswork out of proper lawn maintenance with professional advice and services. Then you can focus more on enjoying what’s left of summer.

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