Grub Control Methods

From Prevention to Treatment


Noticing more beetles around than usual? What about birds and other wildlife digging up your lawn? Are there patches of dead grass there too? One or all of these signs could mean you have grubs. While a few aren’t a problem, a lot of grubs could mean more work for you. Here are some grub control methods to consider.

Signs of Grubs

Many lawn issues could mean many different things. For instance, dead patches of grass could be caused by disease or drought. But the more signs you see, the more likely you have a larger issue to control. Here are some signs of grubs you may notice on your lawn.

  1. Wildlife, like raccoons, skunks, and birds are digging up your yard. FYI: these animals love dining on grubs.
  2. The ground feels spongy.
  3. Japanese beetles have been hanging out early in the summer and eating your plants. Just so you know, grubs are the larvae of beetles.
  4. By late summer, dead patches of grass appear.
  5. You can easily pull back these patches like carpet. This is because fewer roots are holding it down.
  6. When you pull back the grass, you see tiny, white C-shaped grubs feasting on soil and grass roots.

If you see one or two, it’s not that big of an issue, but you still may want to take some action so there aren’t more. If you see a half dozen or more, it’s time to act.

Grub Control Methods

If you’ve had grubs or beetles before, there’s a better chance you’ll get them again. Especially if you didn’t do anything to control them. The best way to control these lawn pests is by being proactive. Get ahead of the problem and you’ll have less to deal with later.

Beetles show up early in the summer. They strip your plants down to skeletonized leaves and lay their eggs in the soil. Those eggs hatch later in the summer and immediately start feeding on the organic matter in the soil and grass roots. They won’t stop until mid-fall when they dive deeper into the ground to hibernate for the winter. But you can be sure they’ll be back again once the weather warms and start the process all over. Unless you act.

There are many preventative grub control products you can apply to your lawn in the spring. Used properly, they can kill and prevent grubs for several months, which could dramatically decrease the number of beetles and brown spots on your lawn.

Once you have the grub population under control, you want to repair any dead patches so you don’t invite more issues. Maintain a healthy lawn with proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing to build up its immunity. A weak, drought-stressed yard will succumb to pests and disease quicker than a strong, healthy one.

For more help on controlling grubs and strengthening your lawn, contact the lawn care experts at Cardinal Lawns today.

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