More Lawn Mowing Tips

Maintain More than Your Yard


Mowing your lawn is about a lot more than just shortening tall grass. Many other factors should be considered in the process. Here are more lawn mowing tips to keep in mind before, during, and after you cut the grass.

All About the Mower

Before you even think about cutting grass blades, you should consider your mower blades. Choosing the right lawnmower and maintaining its parts is just as important to the process. There are different mowers for different needs:

Push Mowers. These require more muscle to operate since that’s where the source of power comes from. With no engine or gas to make them go, reel mowers are considered a more eco-friendly option. However, you need to be careful what you run over. While some other mowers are powerful enough to mulch twigs, sticks, and tall grass, these items can do more damage to a push mower.

Cordless Electric Mowers. Running on rechargeable batteries, these mowers are also better for the environment since they don’t release exhaust fumes. However, they’re no good for large, hilly yards that can easily drain their battery.

Gas-Powered Mowers. The powerhouse of the mowing family. You can choose models where you walk behind it or ride it, making them easier to operate but more expensive to own. These gas-guzzlers are also louder, produce exhaust fumes, and—of course—require enough gas to fill the tank and finish the job.

Maintaining your mower helps keep it running longer and doing an effective job. You should sharpen your mower blades regularly to ensure clean cuts. And if your model comes with an air filter, that should also be cleaned or replaced when necessary. While it’s important to check all parts are in working order early in the season, you also want to periodically check the nuts, bolts, and other working parts throughout the summer.

More Lawn Mowing Tips

Now that you have your mower in order, it’s time to start cutting…or is it? When you mow the lawn is just as important as how the job is done.

  • Wait until the grass is dry. Don’t mow in the morning when the lawn is covered in dew. Also, wait until it dries off from any recent rain. Cutting wet grass is not only a slippery hazard, but it can also lead to tearing grass blades and inviting disease.
  • Wait until it’s cool. This is for your sake as well as your lawn. You don’t want to be pushing a mower during the hottest part of the day and neither does your grass. Between the heat, dryness, and cutting, your grass is stressed enough. Wait until there’s shade and even a cool breeze blowing, and you’ll both be happy.
  • Cut at the proper height. Cutting your grass too short or leaving it too long could lead to all sorts of lawn issues. Find the right height for your type of grass and set your mower accordingly.

Need an Alternative?

Lush lawns may be some homeowner’s dream, but not all. If you’d rather not deal with regular lawn maintenance, there are a few other landscaping options.

  • Ground cover. Choose a green option, like ivy or clover, or do something different with mulch, wood chips, or other natural materials.
  • Wide walkways. Limit the amount of grass by widening your walkways. Whether you choose softer sand or mulch or a hard stone or brick, keep the lawn limited and the weeds at bay.
  • Pavers. Build a deck, patio, fit pit area, pool, playground…whatever will bring you backyard bliss.
  • Gardens. Whether you fill it with flowers, fruits, or veggies, you’ll still have to tend it, but it’s one less thing to mow. Choose plants native to the area and you won’t have to worry as much about maintenance.

You want to take pride in your property, whether it’s covered in pavers or grass, so choose the option that fits your desired level of maintenance and contact Cardinal Lawns for help planning and properly caring for it all.

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