Common Lawn Mowing Tips

Before, During & After You Mow

Lawn mower

Summer is in full swing, so you should be quite familiar with the sound of mowing. The real question is, are you familiar with the proper way of mowing your lawn? Here are some common lawn mowing tips for before, during, and after cutting your grass.

Lawn Mowing Tips: Before You Begin

Before you even begin to think about snipping a single blade of grass, there are certain things you need to consider:

  • Type of grass. It makes a difference in how long or short to cut. No matter what type, you don’t want to cut more than one-third of the height.
  • Environment. The climate and weather should be considered to help keep your grass healthy and happy.
  • Timing. When you cut the grass is equally important as the environment since the temperature changes throughout the day.
  • Type of mower. Depending on the size of your lawn, the right mower makes the job more effective and efficient.

Here are some other common tips to follow:

  • Never mow wet grass. This could lead to slippery conditions, torn/uneven blades, and fungal growth.
  • Don’t cut in the morning, since the grass could be wet with few, or in the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and hottest. Wait until late afternoon or early evening when it’s cooler.
  • Mow when the grass needs it, not necessarily on the same day and time each week.
  • Maintain your mower. Make sure the blades are clean and sharp and the tank is full of gas if needed—don’t fill a hot mower with gas though.
  • Clear the lawn of toys, furniture, and any obstacle that may get run over.
  • Let new grass mature for about a month before cutting.

Types of Mowing Patterns

Cutting length isn’t the only consideration when mowng.yoir lawn. There are a variety of patterns to choose from. The size and shape of your yard will determine what pattern may work best. It’s also a good idea to switch up your pattern. Using the same one over and over can cause the blades to bend in one direction and create bald patches. From horizontal and vertical stripes to swirl patterns, pick the one that works best for you and your lawn.

Lawn Mowing Tips: After You Mow

Once you’ve maintained your mower and picked a pattern, there’s the question of what to do with the grass clippings. Some leave them on the lawn if they’re short and use it as a natural fertilizer. Some bag them and add them to the compost pile to use as mulch later. Whatever you decide to do, make sure the clippings are clean—without weed seed or fungus.

Professional Lawn Maintenance

If all of these tips still leave you feeling stressed, but you still desire the best for your lawn, there’s no shame in calling a professional lawn company to do the job for you. They already know the right conditions and have the right tools, all they need is the green light from you.

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