Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Helping Your Yard Beat the Heat

summer lawn maintenance

No matter how big your yard is, just having that patch of grass adds a hominess to your home. This time of year it deserves a healthy dose of TLC to keep looking its best. Use these summer lawn maintenance tips to help your yard survive the heat and sun.

Early Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

Now that it’s late July, we may have missed the deadline for this round of maintenance, but if you’ve already done the following, you’re in good shape.

Mow high. Spring and summer are prime mowing months. Help your grass develop deeper roots by setting a higher mowing height. Tall blades also provide shade to the soil, keeping it cool and less thirsty. Determine what the best mowing height is for your lawn and aim high. Then let the clippings lay. They act as a natural nutrient to the freshly mowed lawn.

Strengthen your lawn even more with the right fertilizer at the beginning of summer. Healthy grass is more likely to withstand drought conditions, choke out weeds, and protect against harmful insects. If you’ve had issues with insects and grubs before, it’s also a good time to apply a preventative treatment.

Mid to Late Summer Tips

Unless there are any water restrictions in your area, the middle of the summer is time to give your lawn a good soak. You want to make sure the water is penetrating a few inches below the soil, so use a screwdriver or other small tool to help measure.

Later in the summer, water is still important, and when you water counts even more. Don’t waste your time watering in the middle of the day when the heat will evaporate your efforts. Water in the morning to give your grass the drink it needs and the opportunity to dry so dampness doesn’t cause more issues.

You’ll also want to check your mower blades. All that mowing you’ve been doing dulls them, and you’ll need sharp blades for the best cut.

For more summer lawn tips, contact Cardinal Lawns. Then go outside and relax in your lush lawn all season long.

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