What is Pre-Emergent Weed Control

And When is the Right Time to Apply

pre-emergent weed control

Controlling weeds is easier when you get ahead of the problem. While proper lawn maintenance is key in keeping weeds at bay, pre-emergent weed control is your next line of defense.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Before you notice any weeds pop up in your yard, you can help prevent certain ones from germinating by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. This is especially important for lawns that have had weed problems in the past. Know which weeds you want to control and adjust the herbicide application accordingly.

If you already see evidence of the weeds, it’s too late for pre-emergent products (since the weeds already emerged). But if you know what you want to control, you can find out when these seeds start to germinate and focus on the right product to stop it.

Pre-emergent herbicides create a barrier to keep sprouting weed seeds from hitting the surface. This is why it’s an ongoing process for weeds that could lay dormant or reemerge the following year. Closely follow the directions for the product you choose to ensure proper mixing and application.

This herbicide also doesn’t discriminate against desirable plants. Be careful not to start any weed control when you’re trying to reseed an area at the same time. It’s better to seed, establish the grass, then deal with any weeds.

Timing Herbicide Application

Properly timing the application of pre-emergent weed control depends on the type of weed you’re dealing with. Here are some general guidelines.

Summer Annuals. Weeds like crabgrass that germinate in the spring require pre-emergent herbicides application in the late winter/early spring.

Winter Annuals. Weeds like bluegrass that germinate in fall require pre-emergent herbicide application in the late summer/early fall.

For more information on the right type of weed control to use for your lawn, contact Cardinal Lawns. Whether you need a spot treatment or complete overhaul, our lawn care experts will help you find the right solution.

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