Ways to Protect Your Lawn From Moles

Now and in the Future


Is your lawn looking more like a mini map of dirt roads lately? These roads could lead to a mole’s paradise. If your lawn has already been infested, or if you or neighbors have had issues before, there are ways to rid and protect your yard from moles now and in the future.

Signs of Moles

Moles can make a mess of your lawn. While they don’t eat your plants, they dig in your soil looking for insects to feed on. Their underground tunnels rip up your grass, tears roots, and invites other rodents to access your plants as well. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Raised, volcano-shaped mounds of soil.
  • Surface tunnels or ridges. Moles typically dig deep tunnels, but tracks may still be visible on the surface.
  • Potato-shaped mammals with hairless, pointed muzzles. While they spend a lot of time underground, you may spot a mole while searching for a mate. They’re more active in spring and fall, in the early morning or evening, and after a warm rain.

Mole sightings may be a warning of a bigger issue. Since they feed on other pests, if they’ve taken up residence in your lawn, it means there’s lots of food to find. A closer look at what’s going on in your soil is the first step at taking care of multiple lawn issues.

Protect Your Lawn From Moles

Once you see signs of moles, you’ll want to get them out of your lawn first. There are traps and other worm formulas available to catch or kill the moles around their tunnels. Once they’ve vacated the premises, take the following steps to make your lawn less desirable for them.

  • Grub control. Taking away a mole’s food source is one of the best ways to get them gone.
  • Water control. Moles prefer soft, damp earth. Help keep your lawn dry by not overwatering.
  • Pet control. Dogs may try to go after the unfamiliar pests, but they may just end up making more of a mess in your lawn by digging up the tunnels.

For more help identifying moles and how you can help keep them from ruining your lawn, contact the specialists at Cardinal Lawns.

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