Best Methods of Mole Control

Baiting, Trapping, and Repelling Moles


You’ve seen the signs, the destruction, the moles running amuck in your yard. So, now what? Some of the most effective methods of mole control requires the demise of these lawn pests. If you get too attached to the rodents, you can kiss your pristine lawn goodbye. You also don’t want to be the neighbor that simply encourages the moles to venture next door. So here’s how to get rid of them for good.

Baiting Moles

In order to get rid of moles you need to bait their holes with what they want—food. Mole bait is available at certain lawn and garden stores and comes in the same shape, size, and feel as their most treasured food source—earthworms. However, these worms are tainted with a lethal dose of bromethalin.

Trapping Moles

More patience and persistence is needed when trapping moles. Traps are more effective during the spring and fall after a rain when moles are more active. Trapping in the spring can also eliminate pregnant females, further reducing population.

Locate the active runways by stepping on a mound and waiting to see if it’s reopened after a day or two. This indicates an active entrance, and a perfect location for a trap. Special dual-spring traps are best used by professional pest control companies.

Other Forms of Mole Control

If baiting and trapping doesn’t work, try these other methods of mole control.

Gassers. Smoke bombs are more effective when you can gas the major nests, and repeated applications are sometimes necessary.

Repellents. Granulated and liquid repellents can help drive moles from your yard, but they just may end up in your neighbors. Some of the active ingredients include castor, garlic, and citronella oil.

Insecticides. Treating the lawn with insecticides can help kIll the mole’s food source—insects, grubs, and worms. While this could help determine moles, it can also force them to dig more aggressively in search of food.

Professionals. When all else fails, call in the pros to help deal with your particular mole problem. Cardinal Lawns can help you determine the best way to detect, trap, or repell moles. Call them for a consultation today and take back control of your lawn.

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