When to Water the Lawn

And When Not To


For those who dream of a lush, green, healthy lawn, they know that water is major factor in getting there. But do they know when to water the lawn, and when not to? Timing is important in this process, and can mean the difference between keeping grass healthy or just wasting water.

When to Water the Lawn

It may seem silly to some, but watering a lawn at different times of the day makes a difference. The best time for watering is early in the morning. If you don’t want to wake up before the sun, you can set up a sprinkler system, or just start as early as you can.

Why mornings? The cooler air and lack of wind are better conditions for ensuring all the water reaches the roots and won’t evaporate as quickly. Watering early in the morning allows your lawn to have the water it needs to get through the heat of the day, and dry completely before nightfall.

If there’s no way of getting this done in the morning, the second best time is late afternoon or early evening. You need to water when it’s not the hottest part of the day, but there’s enough time for plants to dry before the sun goes down.

When Not to Water the Lawn

Mornings can be hectic, sprinkler systems can be expensive, and some people just can’t get out to water that early. Remember that you don’t need to water every day. Two to three times a week of deep watering is enough—maybe more in extreme heat and less during rainy season. Weekends may work better for some. If it’s been raining a lot, you don’t need to worry as much.

Don’t water in the middle of the day. Water evaporates too quickly in the sun and warmer temperatures. It may also be too windy, and the water droplets may not make it to the thirsty grass blades.

Don’t water in the evenings. Overnight, wet grass doesn’t dry as fast, leading to fungus and other lawn diseases.

Getting the most out of watering the right way will save you time and money. Take into account the type of soil you have and the current weather conditions for optimal results.

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