Proper Lawn Cutting Height

Helps to Keep Your Grass Healthy


Just a little off the top? It depends. The proper lawn cutting height is different for various types of grass, season, and other growing conditions. Read on to learn more.

Why is Cutting Height Important?

When you mow your lawn at the right height, you are improving its health by creating more low-maintenance, drought-tolerant grass. Properly cut grass is less likely to have weeds, making less work for you. And if it’s at the right height in the hotter seasons, there’s less of a chance grass will be parched.

Proper Mowing Tips

Follow these general tips according to the type of grass you’re growing.

  • Make sure mower blades are sharp for cleaner cuts.
  • Try not mow more than 1/3 of the height of your grass in one day.
  • Consider lawn drainage, pitch of yard, and how shady or sunny the area gets.
  • Mow grass like fescue higher to discourage lower-growing grass, like Bermuda.
  • Shady grasses grow better if mowed a little higher—thus creating more shade.
  • Cool-season grasses do best when cut as high as possible.
  • Cut warm-season grasses at the lower end of the cutting range in early spring to remove any dead blades from the winter.
  • Raise the mower blade to the top of the cutting range for your grass type during drought conditions to reduce lawn stress.
  • Mow more frequently in the spring and summer—at least once a week. This stimulates grass growth and helps rid the lawn of weeds.

Check with a sod or seed supplier for cutting recommendations for your specific type of grass.

Recommended Cutting Height

Here are some general guidelines for grass cutting height by grass type:

  • Bahiagrass    2” – 3”
  • Bentgrass    ¼” – ¾”
  • Bermuda    ½” – 1½”
  • Buffalograss  2” – 3”
  • Centipede    1½” – 2½”
  • Fine fescue    1½” – 2½”
  • Kentucky Bluegrass    1½” – 2½”
  • Ryegrass    1½” – 2½”
  • St. Augustine    2” – 4”
  • Tall fescue    2” – 3”
  • Zoysia    ½” – 1½”

Not sure what grass type you have? Contact Cardinal Lawns for more information on determining the best cutting height for your lawn.

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