Best Lawn Mowing Patterns

Turn Lawn Maintenance into Art


Once grass cutting season arrives, it becomes a chore in order to keep your lawn looking nice and healthy. While regular maintenance is important, it can become boring; but there is a way to shake things up! Here are some of the best lawn mowing patterns that not only keep your grass in great shape, but can impress your neighbors with your artistic ability.

Four of the Best Lawn Mowing Patterns

Instead of following the same old lawn mowing patterns, try some of these unique designs.


  • Mow your first straight stripe with a line of sight in mind to use as a guide for the rest of the stripes.
  • Mow in slow Y-turns rather than sharp turns.
  • Start with stripes around the perimeter of the lawn to create a smooth border.


  • Start by mowing a stripe, but in a smooth, curving pattern.
  • Keep turns subtle and consistent throughout the design.
  • Use the first wave as a guide to align the following waves.


  • Mow your first diagonal stripe down the center of the lawn, then mow another stripe next to it.
  • Move around the edge of the lawn and cut a second stripe in the same direction to create one light stripe with two dark stripes next to it.
  • Continue this pattern until both sides of the lawn are striped.
  • Mow the crossing stripes by making a diagonal first stripe in the opposite direction and making a return pass right next to it, just like the first time.
  • Continue the same pattern, one stripe then two stripes back, until the lawn is completely cut.


  • Start in the center of your lawn, and mow in a circle shape.
  • Mow in alternate directions for each of the following circles.
  • This pattern is also great for mowing around trees, flagpoles, and other lawn ornaments.

Lawn Mowing Tips

No matter what pattern you choose, keep these basic tips in mind:

  • Keep mower blades sharp to ensure an even cut.
  • Mow when grass is dry. It’s best for the grass and mower performance.
  • Maintain a consistent speed for more even lines.

Mowing different patterns is a unique way to make lawn maintenance more fun and set your yard apart. A new pattern can also boost curb appeal and property value. Certain patterns draw the eye inward, toward the house, making it standout even more.

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