Spring Grass Cutting Tips

Cut Your Lawn for its Health


Once spring growing season starts, that means more maintenance for plants and lawns. Here are some grass cutting tips for spring you can use all season long.

Spring Grass Cutting Tips

Cutting your grass is more than just trimming the blades. Your process determines the health of your lawn. Timing, length, frequency, and more all matters in lawn mowing.

Timing is Everything

  • Don’t start too early. Let your lawn wake up and turn green before you begin mowing.
  • Time mowings so you’re never removing more than one-third of the total leaf surface. Cutting grass too short leaves it open to diseases and weeds.
  • Mow when grass is dry. Wet grass can clog a mower deck and create an uneven cut.
  • Mow during cooler parts of the day when shade is on the lawn. If you mow in high heat, grass loses more water and recovers slower.

Lawn Mower Musts

  • Keep mower blade sharp to cut grass cleanly, getting the best results. Sharpen blades a few times during the mowing season. A dull blade tears grass, creating a jagged, uneven edge where pests and diseases can attack.
  • Avoid mowing over thick branches or stones to reduce blade dulling or damage.
  • Let grass clippings stay on the lawn after cutting to save bagging time and money, and give back to your grass—clippings act as fertilizer.
  • Avoid mowing in the same direction or pattern. This can compact soil and create ruts.

For more spring grass cutting tips contact the lawn care specialist at Cardinal Lawns today.

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