Mole Control: Hire an Exterminator or Lawn Care Company?

Mole in lawn

Moles might look sweet, but the damage they can do to your landscape – dug-up flower beds and a minefield of tunnels – is not cute in the slightest. Homeowners seeking a quick resolution to a mole problem will put down the DIY tricks and hire a professional. But what type of pro is best for the job of mole control – an exterminator or a lawn care company? Here’s why a lawn care and lawn pest company such as Cardinal Lawns is the right call to make.

Pest Control Companies Only Know Pests

When you call on an exterminator, you’ll get someone who has experience in one exclusive field: destroying pests. But moles represent a lawn problem, not a pest infestation. Their presence on your property should be treated as such. You’ll want someone who can provide expert, comprehensive advice and can create a mole eviction strategy that takes into consideration your landscape and lawn needs.

Personalized Solutions

Personalized service from lawn pest experts will give you peace of mind, and it can mean not having to deal with the risk of moles returning to your property. It also means having the right solution at the right time. You don’t want to allow for excess use of poisons and traps that might hurt your landscape and your loved ones.

Lawn Pest Experts Can Offer Superior Mole Control Remedies

Exterminators are focused only on one thing. But a lawn care and lawn pest professional will take into consideration the environment and conditions that are attracting moles to your property. For example, moles eat a massive number of insects. If your lawn has had a recurring problem with grubs, then a good way to control mole activity is to control the grubs. Lawn pest professionals will also be able to suggest tools and methods to protect your garden and turf. For instance, you can build barriers of stone or concrete around smaller affected areas. You also can try buried fencing or use water to flood the critters’ tunnels.

Mole Control Success Starts Here

Your success in controlling moles will depend on the expertise of the professional you hire. Don’t limit your results by calling on an exterminator. Count on the Cardinal Lawns team to know a mole’s habits. Rely on them to choose solutions that maximize the overall health of your lawn. Don’t wait. Call the pros at Cardinal today at 614-808-4446 for a free consultation.

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