Tips for Effective Weed Control

Weed Control

Weeds are the undesirable plants in your garden that you didn’t put there yourself. These invasive plants spread throughout your yard stealing sun, water, and soil nutrients from desirable plants. Because they return so quickly, controlling them can be a tricky business. Read on to learn some handy tips for effective weed control.


  • Pre-emergent herbicides – use before weeds appear. Often considered the best method of weed control, an application early in the spring is incredibly effective at zapping large volumes of weeds.
  • Post-emergent herbicides – use after weeds appear. Post-emergent herbicides are generally only effective on certain types of weeds, so read the product label before applying it. This kind of herbicide can do a lot of damage to ornamentals and other desirable plants, so be sure not to apply on a windy day.
  • Take care: always read the product directions before applying a herbicide to your weeds. Be careful not to use sprays around people and animals, wear protective clothing to avoid contact with your skin and eyes, and avoid inhaling fumes.


  • Selective watering – deprive weeds of the water they need to survive by covering a drip hose with mulch. This prevents germination by feeding your deep-rooted plants while avoiding the shallow roots of most weeds. Ensure there aren’t any deep-rooted weeds in the area before using this treatment.
  • Deep/infrequent waterings – because weed roots don’t grow as deeply as grass roots, watering deep can deliver similar results to a drip hose, ensuring that the water is absorbed into the soil deeper than the weeds can reach.

Hand Pull and Hoe

Hand pull shallow-rooted weeds by grabbing them close to the soil lever and pulling slowly. Uprooting weeds with deeper, more stubborn roots might require a gardening tool like a hoe.


Applying mulch to your garden deprives weeds of light while keeping your soil moist. Organic mulches can even attract insects that feed on the seeds of weeds. Reapply throughout the growing season to maintain 2” of mulch at all times.

Have Patience

Weed control can take time to prove effective. They can germinate and pop up when you think you’ve gotten them under control or return in the next growing season. Remember that fighting weeds requires stamina and determination!

Need More Tips for Effective Weed Control?

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