Finding the Right Cutting Height for Your Lawn Mower

Proper cutting height

Mowing at the correct height for your particular grass type can help encourage a healthy lawn by fighting off weeds and preventing lawn diseases. Read on to learn about how correctly setting your mower’s cutting height can set up your lawn for success.


Your mower’s ideal cutting height depends on your grass type and the time of year. Your lawn should be mowed more frequently during the growing season and less often in its dormancy. Kentucky Bluegrass, Ohio’s most common type of grass, is a cool season turf. The active growing season for this grass occurs in the spring and autumn and usually grows from 2-½” to 4” in height. The recommended height for Kentucky Bluegrass is generally about ¾” to 3-½”. During your lawn’s growth season, try to mow your lawn at least once per week. During your lawn’s dormancy season, it is common to mow much less frequently. In fact, many homeowners don’t mow their lawns at all during the winter.

The ⅓ Rule

When in doubt, remember that it is generally a good idea to follow the ⅓ rule. This dictates that no more than ⅓ of the grass’s length should be chopped off at any one time. Determine the ideal length for your grass and allow it to grow ⅓ higher than that before you mow.

Tall Tales

Keep your grass at the highest recommended height, especially in periods of dryness, as drought conditions create added stress on your lawn. Ohio cool-season grasses thrive when kept at their tallest heights and in the shade. Tall grasses usually develop deeper root systems. Deep root systems can absorb water better when you water your lawn properly (deeply and infrequently) to help the soil better absorb water to prevent the shallow roots of weeds from absorbing nutrients.

Adjusting your Lawn Mower’s Cutting Height

After determining the optimum height, set your lawn mower’s cutting setting by placing it on a flat surface and measure the distance between your mower’s blade to the surface.

Need More Tips on Lawn Mowing?

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