What Are Dandelions?

Dandelion (taraxacum), known as blowball, milk witch, puff ball, or monk’s head, is a part of the asteraceae family of weeds. One of the world’s most common broadleaf weeds, dandelion features a yellow flower that turns into a ball of seeds. It is also distinguishable by its thick roots and tooth-like leaves. Despite common belief, dandelion is not one flower—it is actually several small flowers clumped together.

Dandelions are extremely common and threaten virtually every lawn. The round seed heads, which float when blown, spread easily. Many humans pick dandelions and blow on their seeds to watch them float away. Unfortunately, this encourages the weed to spread.

Dandelions are an edible weed with nutritious value, but they are an invasive weed that can plague an otherwise attractive lawn. It is important to remove them quickly to prevent them from taking over.

Dandelion Prevention

Prevention starts by attacking the dandelion early. The root of a dandelion can grow to almost 3’ in length, making manual removal difficult, but it often helps to set your lawn mower to a higher setting. Higher lawns have less heat, which dandelion seeds crave, so a thick, healthy lawn may help choke out dandelions.

Professional broadleaf weed removal may be required in instances of already-existing dandelion problems.

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