3 Secrets to Summer Weed Control

How to Stop Them Before They Sprout

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Looking for some summer weed control secrets? There are a few, but the key takeaway is to try to stop them before you even see them. Learn how here..

Summer Weed Control Secret #1: Proper Identification Makes a Difference

Like most living things, not all weeds are the same. Just as there are annual and perennial plants, there are certain weeds that thrive in different times. There are also broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds—each have their own method of treatment.

Once you successfully identify the type of weed you’re trying to control, you can focus on the treatment method that works best. Just as there are different types of weeds, there are also different types of weed control. Any type relies on proper timing. The quicker you work to rid your lawn and garden of weeds, the less likely they are to reseed and take over the area.

Pre-emergent products are more effective when applied before a weed appears, typically in the early spring. Post-emergent products can be used once the weed pops up. Selective solutions target a specific weed while nonselective products work to eliminate any plant it touches.

Summer Weed Control Secret #2: Weeds are Symptoms

While some weeds are spread from lawn to lawn through the air, water, or animals, others are an indication of other lawn issues. Weeds generally thrive in areas without any other competition from grass or plants. Therefore, if there are bare patches of lawn, it may soon be filled in with weeds. Compacted soil also chokes out other plants except for hardy weeds. Weeds don’t need as much water, sun, or proper nutrients to grow, so they can thrive in poor conditions. They also survive in overwatered areas that get a lot of sun.

Evaluate the area where you notice the most weeds. After you’ve properly identified the weed, you can do a little detective work to discover what this weed likes about its particular spot. Use these conditions to focus efforts in reversing the situation. For instance, aerate the space where weeds are growing in compacted soil. Reseed an area that’s full of weeds filling in a bare spot.

Summer Weed Control Secret #3: A Healthy Lawn is the Best Defense

One of the most effective methods of weed control is regular lawn maintenance. Since weeds are often a sign of a deeper lawn issue, keeping your grass healthy helps to eliminate issues such as thatch, compaction, disease, and pests. Proper mowing, watering, fertilizing, and aeration encourages strong and healthy grass growth. While harsher seasons such as summer and winter is not the best time to schedule these maintenance tasks, it’s always the right time to plan for fall and spring to help ensure your yard stays healthy year round.

Help with a Healthy Lawn

Not only does a healthy lawn enhance the look of your yard, but it helps keep weeds at bay. Creating the optimal environment for plants and grass to grow strong and healthy takes time and persistence. Start by planning a regular schedule for proper watering, fertilizing, aerating, and reseeding. Add the right time for weed control if there are certain types of weeds that continue to make an appearance in your yard. A professional lawn care company can help you plan this maintenance schedule. Companies like Cardinal Lawns know all the summer weed control secrets and can also get you started on the right foot by getting your lawn back into shape so it doesn’t feel like an uphill battle.

Fall is around the corner, are you and your yard ready? Fall is a great time to do many of the lawn tasks necessary for preparing your lawn for winter and next year’s growing season. Contact Cardinal Lawns today to get your yard in good shape for the end of summer and the seasons to come.

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