Summer Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Keeping Your Yard Healthy in the Heat

summer lawn maintenance

Summertime and lawn maintenance is easy. This is mostly because a wide variety of lawns go dormant in the harsh heat of the season. While this may mean less mowing, it doesn’t mean ignoring the lawn altogether. Use this summer lawn maintenance checklist to see what still needs to be done.

Summer Lawn Maintenance Checklist

Before you hit the beach or prepare for a backyard BBQ, make sure your yard and garden are in shape. Keeping your grass healthy this season means less repair work in the fall. From weeds and watering to planting and pests, there’s a lot to consider this summer. Here’s a quick checklist to keep in mind:

  1. Mower Maintenance. Even if you’re not using it much while your grass is dormant, make sure the blades are sharp and the motor is tuned up so it’s ready to go when you do need to mow.
  2. Weed control. If any plants can thrive in heat, it’s weeds. Help keep them under control by properly mulching, hand-pulling, or spot treating. Wait on any large-scale weed control project, like treating your entire lawn, until the fall.
  3. Proper planting. One of the best ways to ensure your plants survive the summer is to plant the right variety in the right place. Some plants prefer full sun, others like the shade. Potted plants need more water than ones that have established root systems underground.
  4. Enough water. Your grass may need more water this season too. You can either set up a sprinkler system or choose an automatic irrigation system. Just be sure to follow any local drought regulations.
  5. Removing thatch. Your yard may experience more foot traffic this season, and that can lead to debris and compaction. Loosen up any layers of dead grass, plant cuttings, leaves, sticks, and other items that can further suffocate your lawn.
  6. Control pests. All kinds of critters will be scoping out your yard for snacks, especially when food, water, and shelter get scarce. Protect your yard from moles, voles, groundhogs, and insects to make your yard more desirable for you and not for them.

Now that you have a general idea of what to focus on this summer, let’s look at some of these checklist items in more detail.

Proper Planting

Make your life easier and your garden livelier by planting the right plants. Some are more tolerant to sun and drought than others. Be sure to plant the varieties that prefer shade in those specific areas in your lawn. If you don’t get natural shade, either look for different plants or look into shading an area.

Remember that potted plants don’t have the same rooting abilities to establish themselves and source water, so they’ll need more attention, especially in the heat. Even if it’s in a pot, you still want to be sure to place it in a sunny or shady spot depending on the plant’s preference.

If you’re itching to plant something new, remember that it’s going to be hard for any outdoor plant to survive in such harsh conditions. You may want to wait until the height of the heat subsides in August. Take stock of the plants you do have. What thrive and what didn’t survive? What would you like to try next time?

Summer Pest Control

You’re not the only one who wants to spend more time in your yard this season. You may notice certain pests setting up shop in underground tunnels, in your garden, in tall grass, and standing water around your home. Of course, once you see the signs of pests like moles, voles, ticks, and mosquitos, you’ll want to take action by ridding them from your lawn. But you can also help prevent them in the first place by proper summer lawn maintenance.

Prep for Fall Lawn Maintenance

It’s never too early to think about fall color. Thinking of the crisp, cool air may be a welcome retreat from the summer heat. If you’re planting from seed, start them in the summer inside or in a greenhouse. You can also start listing the type of annuals you want to add to the garden and start sourcing them now before the price increases in the busy season.

Don’t forget to enjoy the time outdoors! Cooler weather is right around the corner. What you do for your yard today can help give it a healthy tomorrow.

Fall Recovery Guide

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Summer’s extreme conditions can take a toll on your grass and its health. Take some time to learn how to bring your lawn back to life. This handy guide teaches you what needs to be done for a full fall recovery.