Four Fall Lawn Clean-up Musts

Your Checklist for Fall Yard Maintenance

Fall Lawn Clean-up

See that colorful blanket of leaves across your lawn? It’s not the only thing that needs to go to maintain your yard’s health and prosperity. Follow this fall lawn clean-up list before the first frost sets in.

Four Fall Lawn Clean-up Musts

Before your lawn goes dormant for the winter there are a few must-dos to get it ready for spring. That’s right, what you do now can have an impact on your lawn’s future health. Let’s make it a positive one.

  1. Free your lawn of debris. Weeds, leaves, old plants, branches, and other wind-blown trash that settles in your yard and flower beds set up a nice pest retreat. Clear it all out so that your lawn doesn’t become a hotbed for disease. Add any organic matter—like shredded leaves, grass clippings, or dead veggie plants—to your compost pile.
  2. One last mow. Set your lawnmower to low and give the grass a close buzz before winter. A mower also helps rid the lawn of suffocating leaves.
  3. Aeration. After a summer full of foot traffic, your grass may be looking a little compacted. Break up the soil and aerate your lawn to help keep water from pooling and to create a path for nutrients to reach the roots over winter.
  4. Fertilizing. Now that your soil is aerated and can breathe, add those important nutrients it needs to survive the winter. Apply compost or a fall lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content to encourage root growth. You may not see the full, lush results till spring, but it’s well worth it.

More Fall Yard To-Dos

After you tackle the lawn, there are a few more chores to make the most of the fall weather before winter wreaks havoc.

  • Trim branches. Anything dead, damaged, or diseased becomes an added hazard in winter weather. Take care of it now so it doesn’t break or fall in a storm.
  • Clean gutters. Think all those leaves are only on the ground? They may be clogging your gutters which will only lead to blockages after fall rain showers and winter thawing.
  • Dry out. Drain water from hoses, fountains, and irrigation systems to help prevent them from freezing, bursting, or causing other damage.
  • Plant bulbs, shrubs, and fall annuals. Spring is not the only time to plant. Adding new shrubs or spring bulbs to your garden is best planned this time of year.
  • Clean tools. Give yourself a head start in spring by keeping your tools clean and sharp now. Help prevent winter rust by adding a little oil before storing them.

Help bring out your best lawn by taking care of things this fall. Your winterized yard will thank you by growing strong and lush next spring.

Fall Recovery Guide

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