Spring Weed Control

How to Time it Right for Green Results

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Spring is a time for regrowth, and that includes weeds. Timing is everything, especially for spring weed control, so learning when the right time to apply pre-emergent herbicides is important for the look and health of your lawn.

Pre-emergent Herbicides for Spring Weed Control

Now that your grass is growing back again, so are the grassy weeds—including crabgrass and foxtail—and some broadleaf weeds. Once the soil warms up to about 50 degrees, crabgrass starts to germinate. The warmer it gets, the more it grows, although you may not notice it until it’s too late.

For best results, apply pre-emergent weed control before your soil reaches about 60 degrees. This way you can stop it before it breaks ground and begins to take over your lawn. If you miss this window, you can still use a pre-emergent product to kill most future weed growth. Just be sure to water immediately to help the formula quickly reach the weed roots.

You can also apply post-emergent weed control if you start to see signs of weeds pop up throughout the season. Try not to apply both methods too close together. Too much nitrogen in these products can kill your grass.

Testing Soil Temperature

One way to try to stay ahead of weeds breaking the soil is to monitor the temperature. Insert a thermometer about an inch deep into the soil and calculate the average for the week. Use the same spot in full sun for more consistent results.

Certain plants also help you gauge the current soil temperature. When you start to see forsythia, dogwood, and daffodil bloom—usually between March and April—it’s a good indication the soil is warming up.

Professional Weed Control

Whether you want help getting ahead of the weeds or killing what has already appeared in your lawn, contact Cardinal Lawns. From the best methods of weed control to the proper time to use them in your area, Cardinal Lawns has the tips and tricks to help get your grass lush and green.

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