Seasonal Lawn Seeding Tips

When and How to Rejuvenate Your Lawn


No matter how well you try to maintain your lawn, certain uncontrolled factors—like weather—can negatively impact your hard work. Not to worry. Here are some seasonal lawn seeding tips to help.

Seasonal Lawn Issues

You’ve watered, mowed, fertilized, and still notice lawn issues. Why? A number of reasons, including:

  • Weather. Too much or too little rain can negatively impact grass roots and a lush lawn.
  • Insects. While proper lawn maintenance can help prevent infestations, it’s not a fail safe.
  • Disease. Proper maintenance helps prevent disease as well but doesn’t guarantee health.

Types of Lawn Seeding

Just as there are several factors that contribute to lawn issues, there’s more than one way to help fix it:

  1. Spot seeding. A quick repair where there’s limited damage in a confined area. Use a rake to break up the dead grass and soil, apply seeds, and lightly press down.
  2. Overseeding. Planting grass seed over a large area of existing turf to fill in bare spots or increase density. Can be done along with aeration.
  3. Lawn renovation. When rebuilding or repairing a larger area of grass. Whether you break up the thatch or remove the old soil, it’s a complete overhaul of the lawn.

Seasonal Lawn Seeding Tips

No matter how much seeding you do, there are some constants to always keep in mind:

  • Use high quality seeds for high quality grass.
  • Ensure seeds make contact with the soil or they can easily be blown or washed away.
  • Water after seeding to help establish the germination process. Continue to water lightly until grass is about one inch tall.
  • Consider the current season. Seeding works best when done in the late summer or fall. The soil is still warm, but the weather is cool enough to not put stress on the seeds like the harsh winter and summer brings.
  • Avoid applying any type of weed control until the new grass is established and has been mowed several times.

For more tips and how-tos on seasonal lawn seeding, contact Cardinal Lawns.

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