Pesticide Safety

Limiting the Risks


Are pesticides safe? Well, they’re used to kill something, whether it’s weeds, bugs, or disease. Therefore, they all contain ingredients that are not safe for something or else they wouldn’t do their job. However, the risk of using pesticides is different based on the product and how much you use. Learn more about pesticide safety and how to help protect yourself, your family, and your plants.

Heed Safety Warnings

When you use bug spray, weed killer, and deer repellent products, they’re all some form of pesticide. It should contain some type of toxic substance to be effective—even the ones labeled natural or organic. This carries some risk to the user and surroundings, which is why all of these products come with a warning label.

The safest way to use pesticide is to read the label first. Know your risks before you even open the bottle. Get familiar with how much to use, where to use it, and what kind of precautions you need to follow. The words used on the label gives you an idea of how toxic the product is:

  • Caution: this product has a low level of toxicity.
  • Warning: this product has more toxicity, but not the most.
  • Danger: this product is highly toxic.

This is your first indication of what kind of product you’re using, and your first line of defense in using the product safely.

Pesticide Safety Practices

After you read the warning, you’re still not completely out of the woods. Keep reading to learn how you’re supposed to use the product and follow the instructions carefully. The level of toxicity increases with other factors including:

  • Exposure. Just as two hours in the sun without protection is more dangerous than two minutes, so is the amount of exposure to pesticides. Learn the best time to use the products and how to protect yourself from exposure, including wearing gloves or protective glasses.
  • Amount. Most people take one pill to help cure aches and pains. Taking a handful leads to more dangerous issues. Follow instructions on exactly how much to use.
  • Ingredients. Typically one bottle of beer has less percentage of alcohol than one bottle of tequila. Become familiar with active ingredients.

Limiting risk means limiting exposure and amount of high concentrations of pesticide. Try to use the product with the least amount of toxins that will still get the job done. If you don’t think you can use the product properly or safely, contact professionals who can help. When it comes to safely using pesticides around your lawn, garden, or home, contact Cardinal Lawns first.

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