Pest Control: Protect Your Lawn from Moles

Mole Prevention and Control


Has your lawn become a superhighway for moles? You can tell by seeing tracks of dirt and tunnel mounds running across your beautiful grass. These pests can make a mess, and if they’ve taken over there ways to protect your yard from moles.

Methods of Mole Control

There are ways to prevent these unwanted guests from infesting your lawn:

  1. Take worms off the menu. Moles love worms—it’s their primary source of food. So, if you use products that limit the amount of worms, grubs, and insects in your lawn, you limit their food source, forcing them to look elsewhere outside of your yard.
  2. Watch the water. Moles prefer to tunnel in the soft, damp earth. If you over-water your lawn, you’re helping to create the perfect conditions for their future home. Water enough to keep your lawn healthy—about once or twice a week depending on weather conditions—without welcoming moles.
  3. Baiting moles. Use certain worm and grub formulas to attract moles underground in their tunnels. These formulas mimic their natural food source, only they are meant to poison the moles.
  4. Trapping moles. Try setting a trap in the spring or fall, when moles may be more active. There are mole traps available that will trap and kill moles quickly without drawing blood. You can also use the traps to help track moles if the problem persists after a few catches. Do this by setting a trap along their main road—these are usually straight paths or run along the perimeter of your yard. You can tell it’s the main route if you poke a hole in a few spots and the damage is fixed in a day or two.

Protect Your Yard From Moles in the Future

Even if you don’t have a mole problem now, you can keep your lawn healthy to prevent a future infestation. Contact Cardinal Lawns for more information about mole prevention and control.

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