Winter Recovery: Spring Lawn Care Tips

Spring Lawn

Winter weather puts a lot of stress on your lawn. Help it bounce back after a season of frost, snow, and ice by doing a few easy spring lawn care tasks to promote a full post-winter recovery. Read on for more.

Dethatch and Remove Debris

First, weed, rake, and dethatch your lawn to clear out any organic debris.

Level the Ground

While you clear off the lawn, look out for any divots, holes, or indentations in the ground and even them out with a shovel to create a level lawn. This prevents drainage problems after rainfall and makes mowing the lawn a little easier.

Test the Soil and Fertilize

Perform a soil test to find out if there are any deficiencies in your ground’s pH levels. Buy a mix of fertilizer based on your soil’s nutrient needs and apply it to give your lawn the first feeding of the new growing season.


If your soil is compacted, aeration is a good idea. Use an aerator (available at your local nursery or garden center) to puncture holes in the ground. This allows your grass roots to access sun, light, water, and the nutrients from your fertilizer.


  • Mow and mow high! The rule of (green) thumb is to never chop more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time. By setting your mower to cut at a higher setting you:
    • Allow your lawn to flourish by developing a deep root system.
    • Help crowd out weeds.
    • Improve your lawn’s resiliency and make it less vulnerable to pests and disease.
  • Don’t bag!
    • Leave the clippings where they lie after you’ve mowed the lawn. The clippings act as a mulch that returns nutrients back into the lawn.

We Can Help with Spring Lawn Care

A late-winter lawn inspection is the best way to ensure a lush lawn this spring. Ensure the best for your property by contacting Cardinal Lawns at 614-808-4446 today. Our qualified team of experts performs professional landscaping evaluations and regular monitoring to help your lawn make a full recovery this spring.

Spring Lawn & Landscape Guide

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Before your landscape begins to bloom this spring, take some time to perform basic inspection and maintenance on your lawn and garden. Save money and get a great looking lawn & landscape in the spring!